Rocket Fish

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Updated based on player comments!! Our Hero has built a rocket belt... strap it on to leave the pond and explore the world. High five your friends (The Red Crabs!) as you fly! Power up and fly at amazing speed when you eat a Fire Fly. Gather Shrimp Coins as you fly farther and farther from the pond! Watch out! Eagles, Tree's, Rocks and Shrubs will kill you (unless you're powered up or using bonus items!). Break the record and fly farther and farther to unlock even more items!


Kinda fun game! I would re-write the script though, so that the coins and jump bugs don't generate where there is an obstacle. Many times I had to pass on a jump bug or some coins because they generated too close to a tree or rock. Other wise, nice game. Good for killing time!!!!!

PixelKick responds:

Thanks for your comment... coins and jump bugs are tempting you to crash in some cases, but I get your point and will work on it...

The title graphics, UI and transition animations are great. Not sure what I can say about the actual gameplay itself -- it's a real pity you get knocked DOWN by the bird, rather than have the option of bouncing off some for distance bonus à la Toss the Turtle. That gashes points for gameplay, but you've got added points for UI.

What really annoys me is that there has to be an ad EVERY TIME you finish one round, rather than have it done and dusted at the beginning. Look, we know you're looking to earn with this game. But you ain't gonna get far if 1) it's the same ad every time, 2) the gameplay has to be interrupted by it all the time. We gamers get frustrated... and I am certainly frustrated at this. How are we even going to go through the process of unlocking more items if we have to be interrupted each time?


PixelKick responds:

Thanks for your comments, they are helpful to me! You shouldn't be seeing an ad after every round, so i'm investigating that and will have it resolved. Thanks again! (UPDATE. FIXED THOSE ADS)

the controls are a bit sensitive and the price for useful items costs a bit much, but otherwise this game is fairly interesting.

PixelKick responds:

There are actually things in the game that will return a very large number of coins... if you keep playing you'll run into those rare items that boost your coin count dramatically... If we see that the prices are way too high, i will reduce them. Thanks for playing and thanks for your comment!

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2.76 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2014
1:07 AM EST
Skill - Avoid