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Megaman Servbot

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Done in 7 days. I had so much fun! I was about to do request on DA but then I remember this old idea. A Megaman Servbot Animation! It's a random idea. Makes me chuckle all the time I think of this. At first I was undecided to do this because I feel I lack the skill. So I did a rough animation of the first scene so I could decide. It turns out well and finally decided to finish it. The animation was based from Vent/Aile's transformation with Model X. Hope you like this Parody! :)


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beautiful animation, well done

as a megaman legend super fan This should be a 20 out fof 5 and yes i do realized that its a year old but >< they need to reboot the francise the games they made was perfect i didnt care for graphic the gameplay was awsome. Do you think you can revisit the servbot army and make more parody of it. If you need inspiration you should play misadventure of tron bon you can see the servbot life and how silly they are.

ah yeah! i remember this parody!
so THIS is where you stored it

I LOVE this! This is so adorable that I am really curious how it'd look with model ZX or model A with how you've done the art style... it practically resembles how megaman ZX's anime style looks which just is automatic WIN. Great job!

XD hahahahaha
pretty nice XD