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Beat 'Em Up!

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Andrew Knockout! 5 Points

Herp da derp.

AnonBaka Knockout! 5 Points

Revenge is a dish best served anonymously.

Clown Knockout! 5 Points

She's not really a clown. She's Satan.

Jon Knockout! 5 Points

Why? Because you can!

Zarnab Knockout! 5 Points

What are underclassmen for?

Han Knockout! 10 Points

Please excuse my brotherly love.

Author Comments

Beat up people I know just for fun!


Happy New Years!

(This was made as a fun, small project in computer club.)

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if the girl satan should made her look like that not a clown
Simple game
You forgot a medal for one the main 6 people.
poor guy

Was wondering why I wasn't getting that last medal but ah, your brother's living on the edge. ;) Wonder who the girl who had to dress up as a clown really was though... fun little game. Could be more advanced, with facial expressions that shift as they get punched for example, but good fun.


There wasn't much for this game in terms of gameplay. All you really do is spam the click button or tab than enter and wait for the them to get red and disappear. There was a decent selection of people to choose from including a secret person, but they all fought the same, doing nothing. The medals all worked which is nice, got to add to the collection. Could have added bruises or blood or something more than just red every time you popped them. Overall it was meh.

i think you have a few issues that need to be sorted out
but on with the review
its just a boring button masher with repetitive music and sound effects

4.5 stars because beating the clown is very hard