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Hodge/Podge Transformer

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(This is a companion game to Ossuary, which you can buy at Future Proof Games:
http://fpgam.es/Ossuary )

The last thing you remember is receiving an unsatisfying answer. During your plunge through the fundamental chaos, something goes terribly wrong and you are suspended in a nothing-space among strange and alien beings.

“The Hodge-Podge Transformer” is a standalone game as well as a prologue and demo to Ossuary Featuring all-new settings, characters, and puzzles not found in the commercial game, “The Hodge-Podge Transformer” shows exactly what you don’t remember happening just before arriving in the Ossuary.

Move with the arrow keys and interact with X (controls are customizable).

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Oh dear old ATARI MAME glory ... glorious Ventura

Beneath all this text there is a cool puzzle. Try to ease on the words, like separating the phrases into different talk bubbles instead of dumping everything in one single load, because it was just too much too read (so I didn't read all, and just searched for the key words to know what I had to do).
I understand you wanting to develop your world through the NPCs, but you can also rely in the visual or sounds (which you did to create the atsmosphere) aspect more instead of writing blocks of texts and delivering it all at once.
(It's just that I'm writing for a game now and I'm fearful of doing that)

F to the N to the O-R-D! What's that spell? Don't ask me!

too much reading.

i love the aesthetic. i just wish it wasn't so dialog heavy.

you can communicate the same with less words. and sometimes less is more.

i can tell i would probably have loved this but i just don't have the time

ImmenseOrgy, have you ever done a logic puzzle? Your assumption that follows means directly afterward proves the point of this game.

;) Assumption makes Buridan's Ass out of you and me, btw. ;) happy haunting!

Gregory, this was excellent. I wish I was able to retain more of this kind of thing, but I am a dabbler by nature. Great game, bro. Are there more?