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Hard Point

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Author Comments

This is a challenging game like "world hardest game".
Avoid the enemies and dangerous devices and go to "exit" area.

Restart button was fixed.
Trouble with hotkeys and statistic in win-screen was fixed.
Easy-mode is available now: When you died on the level 5 times, you can skip this level. (You can use this cheat 10 times )

Controls: WASD or Arrows to move.

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Awesome music. Check.
Good premise. Check.
Good gameplay. Check.
Music repeats everytime I goddamn die? CHECK.

That last one is an awful flaw, but the rest is good.

This game is......WOW! I really like how the whole game just seems to have those great feelings about the old days of atari when games had that special space feel to all of It's games. Overall no complaints. Keep up the good work Bro!

>move into college dorm
>fridge in my room to share with room mate
>find beef jerky in the fridge
>eat some
>next day, open fridge
>note on the beef jerky container
>"stop eating my jerky you fat ugly cunt"

wh... what have I done?

Enjoyed it; had a very Chip's Challenge feel to it. One problem I ran into was that if you hit space after the final level, it goes to a blank screen, and you can't leave it without refreshing the game - which of course resets the game and erases all your progress. And as others have said, having NG medals to correspond with the badges in-game would be nice. Overall, though, excellent job.

SSquall responds:

Thx for bug report! I'll try to fix it.
About NG medals — shure! i'll add it into game when return from vacation.
Happy New Year!

First level was a piece of cake, and then it gets challenging fast! I like the level design, the way it's a platformer with top-down controls, where you're allowed free control over the character, no gravity-limitations of any sort, not even physics to make up for your weight. The controls are simple, but the obstacles are all bit simple. Good challenge; clever level design. All it's missing are medals. Keep it going!


SSquall responds:

I'll take into consideration! Thx)
NG medals will be added soon!