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How to make a GG animated

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Author Comments


1. This is a PARODY. I'm not insulting anyone. I love Game grumps, and all of the animated shorts that are spawned from them.

2. This animation is crappy on PURPOSE. Keep that in mind when rating and reviewing.


Found this in my old folder of animations. Decided to publish it.

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Damnit! I've being doing it wrong!
This is pretty funny.

I almost voted unfairly high on this because frankly Game Grumps animations are retarded. Game Grumps aren't really funny to begin with, but when you take the audio out of context and try to make a cartoon out of it it reaches a whole new level of suck that makes dbz sprite battles look like Disney quality animations.

But anyway, I then read your author's comments and confusion abounded. Why make such a hateful GG flash and then turn around and say you love them? Unless of course you're a total tool who's hoping to win favor with both sides by standing with neither. Realizing this, my urge to give undeserved points subsided and I decided to measure this flash on its true merit instead.

True, you threw in that comment about it being crappy on purpose, but honestly what does that change? Doesn't make it good just cause you meant for it to be crappy. In fact people are often more generous with their votes when they think someone is new to flash (Something I proved to some of my friends with my hit flash Deth Fiting! A timeless classic!) and here you're blatantly telling us you didn't give a crap when making this flash. So if anything people should vote lower than normal for this flash. CHOOSING to make crap does not make it more than crap. It's still crap.

So let's take a look at it.

Animation? There is none. There's some tweening but not even a facial expression animation, so 0 on that. Sound? Your mic isn't the best quality, but even if it was you sound like you're on 30 tranquilizers. You should have at least put some subtle music in the background or something, so that's going to hurt your score too. Art? Mostly sticks. Poorly proportioned awkwardly posed sticks. Can't give THAT a good score. Story? Plot? Humor? All absent. So let's tally up the score. I'll give you one point for everything you did well and remove one point for everything you did poorly.

...Guess I'll give you enough bonus points to break even at 0.

larrynachos responds:

Ah, my first shitty review. I've been waiting for this, and your big words don't scare me. Your opinion clearly doesn't match the rest of the community's. Yes, the animation is crappy, but crappy animation can still be more than crap. It's all about the writing. The animation is just for a visual aid and a place to bring the adjectives to life. The game grumps animated cartoons I was ripping on are retarded, yes, but people can't distinguish the fact that not all GGA are like this.

Your breakdown is laughable. My mic isn't of professional quality? It doesn't need to be. No story or plot, but there doesn't need to be. Did I say I was animating an epic story about game grumps animated? No. Did I say there was going to be, my god, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT? No. My voice sounds like I'm under the influence of drugs? That was on purpose. How can you assume these things just happen on accident?

Humor is all over this. Either you didn't get it, or you don't have a sense of humor.

I saw your own animations, and I'm surprised you're going to rip on something you did yourself. Scarce story, plot, and humor. Shitty animation, low mic quality... I could go on for an hour. If you can't even replicate something that's SUPPOSED to be crap, then I can't see how you can call it crap, so get off your high horse. Don't even TRY to say "Oh, that was back in 2008, where shitty animations were the norm." I grew up with newgrounds at around that time, and that's the kind of content I looked at when trying to make my animation "crap". I also looked at all of your reviews, and you just run around giving people bad reviews. Get out of here.

Yes, I'm not a good animator. My brain runs too quickly for me to sit down and draw every frame carefully. This took me a day to write, and a day to assemble, but even so, it made people laugh, so I'm happy, and if the opportunity arises, I will make ANOTHER "lazy" flash parody.

Give me enough bonus points to break 0? You gonna get cocky, kid?

I remember coming across the gg thing after my hiatus off of ng...lol if anybody is going to do gg i'd go with Speedosausage. he is the only one that I'd accept doing gg animations because he is a good animator.

larrynachos responds:

There are a lot of good GGA out there, but there are also masses of short shit animations.

This is just beautiful. xD

I love you. This is amazing.

larrynachos responds:

Thanks! Love you too bby.