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Apocalypse: Survive it

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Oh well 5 Points

Manage to get yourself killed at the very beginning


Kill your first(and possibly last) zombie.

3 minutes of metal! 50 Points

Fight off the damn zombies for 3 minutes!

The end 100 Points

This is it. You did it.

Author Comments

UPDATE4: Fixed even more sounds.
UPDATE3: Fixed some sounds, improved the credits.
UPDATE2: You can skip the intro/tutorial voice by moving your mouse to the bottom of the screen. (Lots of people seem to dislike the length of the intro/tutorial so yeah.)
UPDATE: Made the tutorial better and fixed the ending!

(Epilepsy warning, it's not a lot, but 3 minutes of changing colors(not flashing, changing))

(This game is not for people under the age of 11 who can't understand simple mouse movement mechanics)

(It is also not for 9 year old Russian girls)


**When you start playing, do not move your mouse away from the 'game territory' since it will mess up your experience**

This game was made during the last weekend in 2013.

It is an experimental game that tries to follow all the challenges listed over at the Jam page:

- No graphics (DONE)
- Fake Sequel (Kinda)
- In the Cloud (Kinda)
- Remake a movie/something else (Kinda)
- Single shape (DONE)
- Making a game in a genre I hate (DONE)
- Limited Color Palette (DONE)
- 1 control (DONE)
- Breaking the 4th wall (DONE)
- Binaural Audio (DONE)
- Based on a real news story (Kinda)
- Small Size (Failed)

That's what it is. It's how it's suppoused to be.

-Using headphones
-Playing in a dark room/place/whatever
-Darkening the site around the game

EDIT: Thanks for the frontpage, whoever of you sexy admins did it <3

EDIT2: If you like this game, go vote for it in the 'Best of December' vote! Thanks.

EDIT3: The game got 4th place in 'Best of December', thanks everyone!

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nice game but i dint get to play it all cause it crashed and for some reason the metals dont work

This is so cool. I want to play more Binaural No-Graphics games. I think I remember a game where you explore a tunnel with elevators with arrow keys, and there is a narrator. Can someone tell me games like this?

Kolumbo responds:

I don't know any other, sorry. But I am happy to inform you this one is getting a sequel/remake.

The idea is good, but there is not a lot of content. And It kinda gets stupid after you can only hear music for a few minutes so you get lost. Needs more work, but props on the effort.

Kolumbo responds:

Getting a better version soon!

not a bad idea and it actually forces you to use your senses. nice job.

Kolumbo responds:


i really do understand what your trying to do but you should try to make it easier to control things like the first part where you have to kill until the guy fixes the car at one point he says something about green uniforms and then i sudenly die...

Kolumbo responds:

I see, thank you.