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Matrix: Neb Operator

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A pattern matching/reflex game in the same genre as Tetris/Diamond Mine with a Matrix Movie theme.

In the movie 'The Matrix', a Neb Operator is the person in charge of getting the members of the ship 'The Nebachudnezzer' in and out of the Matrix. Your job in this game is to do just that.

The colored blocks in this game make no appearance in the movie. Instead, this game is a kind of preliminary training for aspiring Operators who want to sharpen their reflexes and pattern recognition skills (which is the heart of what being an Operator is all about).


Fun for a short mini game i'd say

this game is moderatley entertaining and i could play about five games b4 i got bored with it . But really all i can do is play games not desighn them or make them so hats (in my case masks) off to him or her.

The game was ok needs a little more help

The game sorry to say sucks a whole lot needs more help.

that was fun

it was sort of hard though but it was fun

hey that was pretty gay

dont disgrace the matrix by putting it in the title. that was the simplest and dumb 2-year old's game. absolutely terrible. i cant beleive this score is even above 3.

Wow! That had nothing to do with the Matrix!

C'mon! what the hell is this? why can't people make a great Matrix game or film w/o putting stick figures or gay animations? this had nothing to do with the Matrix at all! and a bit of advice, Operators work hard to help out rebels, not to play Tetris on the job. instead, make a game where you have to look through building blueprints and find exits, and weaponry to keep your soldiers alive. kinda like Starcraft.

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3.12 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2002
12:33 PM EDT
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