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Artist's Block

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***EDIT*** Daily third! Thanks guys!

Our hero, who's totally not a self insert, is finding it hard to work on his masterpiece. Can he best the nefarious Artist's Block in a game of wits?

This is the first "big" project ever tackled by my laptop. I worked on the majority of this one during study halls and what not. Seriously, almost everywhere I go, I take a little wacom tablet with the stylus in my laptop bag. In fact, I finished that last, "Yay, now I can work on my flash!" bit in a coffee shop. Oh the weird stares...
Anyway, I'm getting stuff done way faster this way, and I'm looking to expand my portfolio , so expect more frequent updates in the future! (...but probably not.)

Youtube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awp5qLGogNs&feature=html5_3d

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Poor guy, he has to deal with an artists block.. HE HAS HAD ENOUGH THOUGH!

I wish it was that easy to deal with an artist's/writer's block...

This catches the feeling perfectly.

nice job. i especially liked the shooting scene!

lol funny that ending was crazy lol