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Kartoon Karaoke

rated 3.32 / 5 stars
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Dec 26, 2013 | 9:31 PM EST

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Author Comments

I used Flash 5.5 to make this game as an Apple App. (Wrote, animated, programmed myself.) I was motivated by people who told me "Flash is dead" and "Flash can't make iOS apps". (I think I sold 2 copies!) I'm posting it here a year or so later because I thought it was a good idea and for the heck of it. I hope you guys like it. Here's the sales pitch with lots of explanation points:
Kartoon Karaoke is a fast pace reading and listening comprehension game! Help Dog, Cat & Fish put on a play by feeding them their lines of dialog and action from their mixed up script! Feed them the correct line or action and score points! Feed them the wrong line and create funny non-sequiturs! React too slow and they'll be hooked off the stage!
[Maybe I'll make more if you guys dig it. I was thinking of making the public domain "Night of the Living Dead" version.]
PS: It worked great on all iPhones and iPads... until the iPad Air. It works, but screen is black. So stick to playing it here! You can buy me a beer if you see me.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Loved the animation and voice acting BUT... using a laptop I had to keep scrolling up and down. I don't know how educational this would be for kids. I make spelling and grammar mistakes often enough (even now) but it sort of bothered me that in your comments section didn't spell check for 'fast pace' in stead of 'fast paced' and also most (American) English speakers would spell the word 'dialogue' rather than dialog. I know that's a bit nit-picky, yet if you're creating a game like this.....

I think this has potential if you tweak it a bit more.

On my second play I tried to make them answer in the worst ways, and that did add quite a bit of humor to it.

My biggest suggestion I guess would be to have the script to the right hand side of the animated stage.

Familypants responds:

Righto on the "fast paced" and "dialogue". I can't rightly claim "educational" with stuff like that. So you're not nit-picky at all. Thanks for the catch.
The size was an iPad 1's resolution so the buttons fit nicely there and also on an iPhone (which when exporting from Flash as an iOS app, it resizes automatically. On the iPad Air, the app works, but the screen is black! You can hear it and click buttons, but can't see anything. I'm guessing it has to do with the retina display. I'm slowly figuring it out... but thinking to hell with it since I've gotten more input in 3 days on NG than as an app!)
I should have exported it a smaller size for a computer screen to keep you from scrolling! I wonder if i can adjust the settings in NewGrounds? Will look right now.
Thanks again.

[Yep, NG allowed me to half the size so it should allow you to play without scrolling up and down!]


Rated 5 / 5 stars

ahahah very very funny!!!!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's a bit repetitive when it comes to the "So and so said" Part but on the other hand I did have fun with it. Plus I like the modern hannah barberra style you had going on. You're a fine addition to Newgrounds and I hope we're getting more on the way

Familypants responds:

Hey thanks for the compliments and 2 cents Wegra.
So you'd say to removed the "The ant said..." etc. (Technically that wouldn't take away or add to the time you have to make a choice. You'd still have the 10 seconds or whatever.) You'd still get what to do... right? Maybe keep it the 1st couple of times then lose it. Honestly I thought I did that in one version of my script. I have to check my "old" folder!