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SELFIE 2d(demo)

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You wake up at your desk, unable to move and surround by some very unsettling artifacts. You find yourself retreating into your childhood fantasy's of the starman in the closet , but is it closer to the truth than you ever imagined?
Solve the clues by matching the right diary entry with the right music and object to unlock more of this disturbing short story.
You need 7 correct combinations out of a possible 37*37*37*37*37*37( +)

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I just played this Prototype. Holy AMAZING! SO gripping, so personal!
At one point I felt as though I was being lifted out of my body and was gradually hovering over my own head. I felt all tearing and shaky.
After getting a sense that the game reveals itself gradually and rewards (with torture?) patience with content progression, I just relaxed and let the screen and headphones take me away and felt totally in character, like I was this person and this is what I'm seeing and hearing. (and feeling? wait that and finding meaning must be input by the player? I'm a little confused still.)

The first day was spent feeling bitter terror, getting a feel for what I had left. I remembered some songs from the past, My favorite song happened to be Reverse Cowgirl from the //N.P.P.D// Rush trailer that I still couldn't get out of my head nor wanted to. I have had dreams where I look down at my hands and back to different objects so I tried that first. The mirror seemed brightish and shiney and I remembered in my dreams that I can zoom into bright essence objects and they take me to other places. Starman showed me things, dark things that made the browser slow down and chug back up with with animating, long pauses and loud tones and a browser warning all tested me, but I knew starman had more tricks than that, ( I was so immersed and lulled into the terror that I took some joy and calm in just watching the drippy visuals halt and go on the screen.

When I got to day 2 and starman showed up, I instinctual clicked the button before I even made a conscious decision, I was so scared. I had to avoid star man because the first days encounter was so terrifying I never wanted to feel that terror again and post rationalized something and that I felt that I had skipped or missed something important and then felt confusion and loss and terror.

The 3rd day is fuzzy I remember liking the tape puzzles and seeing the stars, constellations and flies the whole time. The bloody altar scene took me very emotionally and I felt so much hover sensation for some reason.
This felt like a total meltdown of details and confusion and terror and sort of bright happy hope bleeds through sometimes.

The diary entries tell a story that I felt connected to my life and made me freak out and take in all the details but also calm.

I had to play it again to make sure I'm not crazy, 2nd play: None of that weird glitch stuff happened and I got through it in about a minute and had just some tension but no visionary feelings. So this is a game that is very rich in subjective value. It's pretty brilliant in psychological richness. Get into it and be patient and relax and cope to see what it has for you to see you in it. Very cool, never seen anything like it and the art is rad like the shop guys in skate or die for NES.

I don't really understand the game, but if you were trying to just make a super scary/creepy movie then you succeeded

When i move my mouse just a little bit, the pen moves too much.dont like the game either

Pretty creepy.