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Eden Prologue

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A man finds himself stranded in an unfamiliar world, and he is not alone.
After many months of planning,practicing, and discovery. I can finally reveal my new project, Eden. Some of you may wonder what will happen to my College Off The Record series. I have planned for a season / semester finale. It should've been done already, but certain things has kept me from completing it. Since I missed what I felt would of been an opportune time to post it, I decided to kick off the Eden series. This is a pilot however, if you're interested in seeing where this series might go, just let me know. If you rather me go back to college off the record leave a comment or a PM letting me know that too.
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I'm glad someone else has the same views on procreation that I do! Other than that, the animation seems really unique in its art style, but the story seems a bit rehashed.

Long, exasperated sigh. I remember watching this a while back and thinking, "selfish? who does this guy think he is?" I'm likening this to the stereotypical inexperienced unrelatable anime protagonist with a twisted opinion on most things, but who would ever have this opinion, really? "Having children is selfish and inconsiderate to people who don't exist, so let's just all be selfless and die out as a species." Shrinks would be lining up for a chance to take this guy's money. This is the kind of thinking that, if acted upon, would get you institutionalized.

I'm about to watch #2, so I'll reserve all the stuff I could have said before it came out for consideration while I watch it. I like the idea, but Calvin's personal opinion on procreation just really brought it down for me, despite how stupid--excuse me, "unpopular"--it's supposed to be(she was obviously asking if he would like to have children someday, not his opinion of living things procreating in general). I'm not bashing you, after all the character said it, not you, and it would be a big leap to just assume that this was autobiographical.

The animation is nice, but the whole "Chosen one" thing is a little predictable and cheesy. The voice acting doesn't really help. Then again, I'm not sure how much I can really say about story predictability without seeing the finished thing.

I liked the animation, but I feel the beginning was rushed, then it slowed down after the "fruit of knowledge" part. I Think if you were going to re-do this then make the beginning longer, let the viewer ease into it all. Also instead of a prologue, this seemed sort of like a trailer for the upcoming animation, which really made this animation feel weird to me. BUT, on the up side of things I liked the animation as I said before, the voice acting was pretty good and even though this was a weird prologue to me I DO want to see more. So, over all keep it up!

Lovely art, interesting story, tapping archetypes in an original way. I look forward to more.

"Calvin... don't be so honest." *snerk*