Millionaire Square

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Henry Ford's Estranged Heir 5 Points

Maximize the Speed skill!

Human-like Resources 0 Points

Produce over 1,000 Squares!

Industrial Activist 5 Points

Don't do aything!

Jr. Executive 5 Points

Earn over $100,000!

Mo Money, No Problem 0 Points

Maximize the Income skill!

Party On!!! 0 Points

Maximize the volume of the theme song, by AeronMusic!

Tax Deductable 0 Points

Pay less than %10 during budgeting.

What A Wimp! 5 Points

Succumb to depression and hostility!

Esteemed Colleague 10 Points

Earn over $250,000!

I'm In The Money 10 Points

Earn over $50,000!

I'm Okay, You're Okay, Okay? 0 Points

Maximize the "Health" Skill!

Make a Stash 10 Points

Earn over $500,000!

Microscopic 10 Points

Maximize the Size Skill!

Legendary Account 25 Points

Complete the game, earn over $1,000,000!

Lord Of War 0 Points

Destroy 100 Hostilities!

Prestigious Honors 25 Points

Earn over $750,000!

Supreme Victory 0 Points

Beat the game with the #1 High Score!

Across The Street 100 Points

Do not upgrade "Health" Skill at all!

True Confessions 0 Points

Lose over 50 times!

Author Comments



Icons By Lorc!

Click the general area to spawn squares along a guiding track. As those squares cross the line towards the right, they'll earn cash.

Over time they will fade, and can be hindered by blue and red rings...to symbolize hostility and negativity.

Use the panel at the bottom to pump up Square production.

the stats are: speed, strength, health, income, taxes, shrink.

Each year, the budget will be re-calculated...

You can use the number keys as shortcuts for the upgrades. Part of the design is intended to offer little explanation. If you really like the game and get stuck, though, let me know!

Thanks for playing,

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Incredible, a little hard to understand at first, but then it gets fun.

PoisonHeart responds:

Indeed? Well, this is one of the best reviews I could have hoped for.
Thank you for your sincerity. Experiment complete.

Kind Regards,
David C.

When I started the game, the loud music almost destroyed my ears.
Then, I see some random shaped bouncing on screen and bunch of buttons.
I'm pressing everything and nothing is happening.
I gave up.

PoisonHeart responds:

thank you for the review, i'm sorry for the volume!

What is it I dont understand at all about rule of this game

PoisonHeart responds:

gotcha, i'll work on that! thanks for playing.

This game has a glimmer of hope with the original concept but it is not done in away that most people can understand. All games need some clear instructions this does not have that and you must fix that music button it hurts my brain and I have to mute the computer to play the game. I suggest having some circles be helpful instead of them all being bad.

PoisonHeart responds:

I think that based on what I have heard so far, a revision to the game would be totally worth it. Thanx, Hadlos, for the insight regarding the concept...sorry for the problems with the music. as i had told Don, below, i wrapped this project literally overnight after about 3 days of steady and serious work on stability issues.

i'll also staple your warning about the volume to the description, thanks again.

A few things...

1. The instructions given are quite vague.. I can assume the boot is for speed and the glove is for strength, the coin increases value of dots that have gotten across.. That still leaves 3 unknown attributes. I have no idea what the pills, scales, or exploding man do.

Perhaps you should add more instruction, either in the game or in the description. Otherwise it is kind of just a crap shoot.

2. Do any of them do anything? The boot seems to increase the "recharge" speed a little bit when it is fully upgraded. Otherwise, there were few noticeable effects.


1. I lost, hit space and still had all my speed upgrades, however, the price to upgrade further was at the original pricing of 20ish per upgrade. Meaning, I spent thousands upon thousands to get to a certain point and spent just a few hundred to upgrade the rest of the way.

2. The music button or slider or... Well, whatever it is. The thing that says music... It's broken. It does nothing. It doesn't change the volume, it doesn't turn off the music.. God I wish it turned off the music....

3. At a certain point (when the screen "zooms out" and all of the circles and squares are small) I noticed a very huge spike in latency. I am running on a very very good computer (can play BF4 with all graphics at highest setting with ease) with the best internet I can get in my area (can handle 7-8 devices being connected and can run 2 computers playing BF4 with low ping rates) and even still was having a hard time with latency.

4. After I got to the million dollar mark the pop up thing showed up. It notified me that i could keep going if I wanted to get a higher score to get on the high score list (HS list also doesn't work) but there is no way to get rid of the text on the screen. This is where it gets interesting. I hit space... Hitting space under these circumstances causes a chain reaction that ultimately results in a migraine headache from the jumbled up music that wasn't very good to begin with, the SEVERE latency issue, and the high score table that does not go away.

I gave this game a 2.5 for a reason. It has lots of medals... I like medals. The game play itself, while flawed, is not terrible. It just needs some work. It is a simple concept, I don't come here for the best game ever. I come here because I can hop on a game, play for 10-15 minutes and then go about my day. This meets that requirement.

Fix the bugs, label the attributes, tweak the power of the attributes a bit, and fix the music button and you may have something.


PoisonHeart responds:

Thanks for this review, Don. Your extensive feedback is a great reference for many glaring errors and thank you in particular for the crash report. i'll staple it to the description.

Many of the end-game errors are due to the extreme rush i put on this project, which was Christmas day after steady and serious work on it for perhaps two or three days. i apologize that the game ended up getting the bum's rush ("We don't have bums here, Homer, and if we did they wouldn't rush, they'd be allowed to go at their own pace") out the door, late Christmas Day.

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2013
12:37 AM EST
Strategy - Other