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Dakimakura for Christmas

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In this parody of the classic Christmas number "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas", Cuthwald embraces his inner weeaboo and inner brony (and outer waifu pillow).

Animation by Cybersp0nge
Music from Karaoke Diamonds

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hey, me too!

Merry Christmas :)

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRUH whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the tittes are like 1inch away from her puss WHAT and also thank God that psychopathic fuck is now a registered sexual pony offender also what is that on 2:29 on the left mug shot on his shoulder??

It's fucked. It's another degenerate, but this one is shamelessly overt.

notice that the gun lauren faust shot herself with jokers BANG! gun and this song is hillarious comedy gold