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Firebrand Saves Christmas

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A New Mission 5 Points

The plot thickens.

Christmas Greenie 5 Points

Beat the game.

Fully Decorated 5 Points

Every time you hear an ornament ring, a demon has flapped its wings.

It's a Christmas Disaster! 5 Points

You died. Christmas can't happen this year anymore.

Christmas Gargoyle 10 Points

Beat the game.

Christmas Arremer 25 Points

Beat the game.

Author Comments

The Red Arremer takes flight once again in the Big Apple to save Christmas.
(note: this is not the true sequel to Firebrand in the City but does use engine updates from the sequel.)

arrows to move
spacebar to shoot

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Been meaning to mention this in one of the other games, but having the 'Game Over' message appear even when you win feels a bit contradictory. :/ Compared to other Christmas game the background here is so bright it almost drowns out the fight, but otherwise: a good game, as the last one. Still with impossible hard mode though...


Wow a Demons Crest christmas parody on this wonderful site. How about that?

Decent. I recommend this to COOL PEOPLE.

Same lacks as last time:
- need to refresh the page in order to choose another level
- enemies shoot when they're still offscreen
- no powerups in frigging hard mode, dude
- can barely see enemies and bullets

maybe you'll consider some of the players advices when you set up the next firebrand game.

MiscritsQuest responds:

-rightclick > hard reset. No need to refresh.
-thats why its hard :)
-sorry. enemies glow a little. any more and lag is baaaaad.

This game needs a lot of work. It can be a lot better than what it currently is.

The background should be changed to something more fantasy themed instead of a scrolling of a city street over and over again. Could have changed it to a mountain like area as I think that would make more sense for a background here even if it is meant to be a Christmas game in a way.

The game play was not challenging at all. Enemies die upon you touching them which does not make that much sense. Health can be easily regenerated too. Lastly, the bosses are far too easy to defeat, they go down in around ten hits each. Bosses could be moving faster and firing more than they actually. Could also fix it so allies don't fly by during battles to keep it challenging along with upping the amount of health that they have.

The music, while not that bad could have been more diverse. The normal music, then the mini-boss songs would have been the same, lastly, Santa could have had a unique boss theme instead of the music never changing at all throughout the game.

The sounds used were nice I suppose, the explosion being someone making an explosion sound with there mouth is cool.

Overall, this game could have been much better than it was. However, it does show you are improving yourself a bit with how you make games compared to your games when you first began here. Best of luck with future games.

Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2013
10:01 PM EST