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Deadly Space Boss Arena

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Author Comments

Collect Bounty from bosses to purchase gear and upgrade them.

Please note that this is a Public BETA. There are several unfinished areas and bugs that needs destroyed. If you find any issues you come across, please leave a comment and I will do my best to read and correct all bugs in the next update..

This game will update once a month, so don't forget to check back every month for the next update. We will try our best to stay within the 80 meg limit here. The first update was uncompressed, so we were lucky to stay undercap. :) This game took a 1 1/2 months to develop and so far progress seems pretty good.

Already known bugs:

- Not all tooltips are show on the weapons (Only Basic Laser Gun) (Will be fixed in a future update)

-SHOP interface still clunky

- Upgrade interface still clunky (Max one gun and it will show it maxed for all of them, but in reality only one gun is maxed..)

But still tear this game down and give me your criticism.. The game still have potential in my eyes. :)


WSAD (Movement)
Space Key (Shoot)

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Alright, here it goes...

1- First, sorry, I don't want to share your game on facebook to all my friends. So add a button, but poping a window each time you defeat a boss is just rude.

2- Yes you could put a limit on the timing for the space bar like someone suggested below, but also add an auto fire feature that if I leave the space bar pushed, it will auto fire at that max rate. I don't want to kill my spacebar by hitting it like crasy.

3- One of the monster is attacking with ice. The colision detection is just poor there. The ice cube is not even touching my caracter and I get damage.

KazaaMafia responds:

Alright thanks for your input.

I like very much

needs better graffics i killed the 1st boss and it didnt take me to the next screen for 2 minutes everything costs too much but bgm was ok

KazaaMafia responds:

Better graphics? For one person to work on all the GFX... this is decent enough. You want Call of Duty graphics? Look elsewhere.. Only reason why things cost too much because you are fighting low level bosses.. Once the game progresses, you will be able to earn bounty quicker.. I'm not sure why things aren't taking you the "next screen".. What are your specs, browser, etc??

Pretty good, just a few things you should note:

1) if you fly near (or into) the boss it forces them to stop attacking you. I only tried this with the first boss (the one with a bounty of 2500) in the first level.

2) after the boss dies, he still hucks rocks at me (and I can still earn $$ by shooting where he would have been if he was still alive)

3) perhaps put some restrictions in how fast people can push the spacebar to shoot. I have an auto-clicker program which I can set it to automatically push the spacebar every 1 millisecond for as many cycles as I want-- your bosses die in less than a second because I am allowed to use this. Probalby not a huge issue but you can prevent people from taking advantage of your program.

KazaaMafia responds:

Thank you for your input, I will keep these issues in mind for the next month's update.

Won't let me select a character

KazaaMafia responds:

Eh? It works for me.. Click on their body not their name..