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Skitzo-The Giving Season

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A rare Skitzo short from 1924! This particular short was released to theaters during one of the worst times: Christmas season! as a result hundreds of children on winter break were exposed to the "The Giving Season" before authorities were able to gather and burn all the copies. Side effects from watching this short its its full form led them to taking sharp pieces of metal and slicing open their own throats then gargling and drowning from the blood as it filled their lungs. This tiny scrap was discovered in a masochist's house under the basement floors wrapped in glittery papers and dried bloody rags. He would not reveal how he came to possess such a rare piece of nitrate lost for more then 80 yrs, but after it was removed by animation archivists, he was later found dead by suicide and a note that said "Have a Merry Holiday and enjoy the show!"

Made in Flash
Skitzo The Bear (c) Crystal Gonzalez
Music Credit: "Parade of the Wooden Soliders"- by Herbet Clair


extremely disturbing

Comick responds:

haha thanks :) glad it was!

Geez, you've outdone yourself again, Comick. Your art style is very simple, yet fresh and appealing to the eyes. I really love it. You're definitely one of the exceptions for that, as I usually adore a TON of details in any sort of art, but you put the right amount in there and keep me attached.
I really like Skitzo as a character. I can see the effort and symbolism put in all the flashes containing this particular character and I just keep on adoring the sicko, hahah! As I have noticed, in some comments, they are complaining that your concept and personality for Skitzo is unoriginal, bland, and unappealing. Of course, everyone has their own opinions, granted, but those who don't look into the very meanings of what the creator is trying to say, and looking into the character's eyes, won't understand how he truly is. You have to observe from every corner, inside and out! Judging just by the outside and a few instances in where he freaks out and flips personalities won't really get a solid opinion. So for those who don't understand or like it, just don't say anything at all that's insulting to the creator of that particular character. Ever heard of 'if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all'?
Anyway, really loved this. Only complaint I have is that the flash is too short, only because I love it, but I am not going to take a star off just because of that, that'd be stupid. Lmao. Five stars from me. Keep it coming!

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Comick responds:

aw dang, Thanks man for the awesome comment! I'm glad you could see into the characters personality and action as something more then face value since yeah he has a whole lot more to say about the nature of ourselves. I appreciate the kind words as well..its comments like these that really motivate me to keep it up and only make it bigger and better every time!

Thanks for the nightmares. :D but what an animation, good job.

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Comick responds:

haha awesome :) Thanks!

So recently I just started getting interested into writing a book and the atmosphere is supposed to be dark and surreal. I got a couple ideas working but I needed something more to aspire from. Then a couple days ago I was randomly looking up stuff when I suddenly remembered seeing one of your earlier Skitzo cartoons and really liking it a lot for it's morbid tone and gruesome images. So I re-watched them all and gained a new sense of awe and inspiration from it and the more I think about them, the more it helps me add new things to my story. It would probably be along time before I even have something (I'm a lazy bastard), but if somehow I do create this, I'd like to give you props first. Even if this is meaningless, I still wanna thank you because you're the first person who created something like this that I enjoyed without any negatives. Yeah to most people, it just looks like some disturbing ass shit some lunatic molded together but that's what I like about it. For me, it's a good source for those moments of clarity when thinking of morality and one's own personal demons. Also though I can't fully explain it, something about adding hyper-realism to cartoons and creating a homicidal/demonic cartoon character somehow makes me love it a lot. I know this sounded a bit confusing and not straight forward, but just know this: I loved your shit, it helps me create my own shit, so don't stop creating your shit. Thanks for reading and sorry about cussing.

Comick responds:

Wow! Sorry it took me so long to get back to this, but I have to say reading this comment seriously gave me the biggest grin and completely made my day to read! I'm so humbled and appreciative that my work could motivate another to grow and work on their own thing...and yeah please do keep up the writing! I'd like to see what you come up with :) I was really taken aback by the kind words man...THANKS SO MUCH. And yeah no worries haha I'll definitely be working hard and never stopping my own stuff. Its my passion and nothing can halt it otherwise but comments like these are really motivating as well....more on the way!

I was greatly entertained by this flash. The whole satanic/creepy element was very present throughout the animation. I was a little disturbed and a little scared too. Overall, great animation and make more!

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Comick responds:

Thanks for giving it a watch man, I appreciate it a lot!!

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Dec 21, 2013
1:32 AM EST
Comedy - Original
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