Toy Soldiers

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Hour Master 5 Points

Finish the first level.

Minute Master 25 Points

Finish the Second Level

Marching Master 100 Points

Defeat the final level (yes it is possible...pause button is your friend)

Author Comments

Just a bit of a prototype really; I mean I made it in 48 hours. Expect (though still report) bugs; I'm proud that I was able to make so much in 48 hours, but there's a lot more I'd like to do with this. And I'll also admit, since it currently has no tutorial levels, you are kind of dropped into the middle of a complex interface with no life-preserver, but I'm sure everyone is smart enough to figure it out. Difficulty ramps up quickly because of only three levels.

Guide image for those that need it:

Post Compo-Version will have more levels and better in-game tutorial/explanation etc. But this submission is Ludum Dare as-is.

For those that are wondering; the theme 'you only get one' comes into fruition through the levels 2 and 3. Level 1 was supposed to be a relatively easy introduction.

Original Ludum Dare Posting for those that want it:


The nostalgia of the classic Lemmings caught my attention right off the bat. The fx and pleasant aesthetic / animations are a bonus! Props for completing this much fun in 48 hours for a jam. It's pretty hard for me - I'll have to come back for those trophies, but I played quite a few times !

You know, it's been a while since I've seen something stay under judgment for so long. This implies a lot of things, and none of them are good. It might mean that no one has the plug-in required to play, which I consider an automatic failure already. You're supposed to make things that work all the time. The next thing this could be is that the score is so divided that it is a hair's breadth between blam and save. The last thing that this could be is that no one is voting on it.

Personally, all of these hypotheses that I came up with to explain this are tells enough to the quality of this game. Heck, I even admitted that this automatically fails for me. Maybe this would've passed sooner if you didn't rely on another plug-in.

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Bcadren responds:

All I know is I've gotten a lot more attention and feedback here than anywhere else I posted it. And yes, it is glitchy because it's a 48 hour compo entry.

On Ludum itself: 28 ratings; 16 comments. Not public rating-values for 13 days.
On Kongregate: Not enough ratings for public rating value; 201 plays. 1 comment.
On GameJolt: 25 plays, 1 Rating/Comment.
Here: 1189 views; 9 comments.

Rating has been hovering at 2.5 here. *shrug*

Also I suppose I wouldn't be offended if it is removed; I'm long past knowing what I need for next version; just haven't had the chance to work on it with Christmas being so close. I'd submit new version separately and not as an update regardless, because this is the 48-hour compo entry.

The constant spawning almost made my computer crash, try not to make them spawn every 2 seconds?

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Bcadren responds:

It's because the AI that makes them walk being expensive on older or slower computers. It works fine on mine, which is a top of the line Asus Laptop but during the 48 hour speed development period; I didn't consider other computers. Next addition will add touchscreen compatibility and redo the physics to be cheaper, hopefully.

this game reminds me of et

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I was really lost... There were virtually no in-game directions or objectives; it would have been much more practical to integrate the instructions into the game, rather than requiring players to view a separate page. The graphics also need work and you should consider adding some music or sound effects to make it less monotonous.

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Bcadren responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I'll take it as advice for my next Ludum Dare; I do now realize that play-ability needs to come before technical features and the like and a few working features is better than a lot with several glitches. But, this was a 48-hour competition entry and I'm not editing THIS SUBMISSION of it. I will; however, release a post-compo version (no estimates on release date, yet); which addresses the concerns of the you, myself and the many others that have commented; as well as adding more content. Again thanks; I don't take any offense to an honest low rating.

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Credits & Info

2.03 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2013
11:50 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)