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Spirit Legends - Ep 1

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Stick around for something special at the end!

Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_1fhQ7oOlI&list=PLn4NfsYzRWhrPIDNf77qb4mjcAnB0JIm3&index=2

Spirit Legends on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spiritlegends

Spirit Legends on DeviantArt: http://drewmaru.deviantart.com/gallery/3143930

Editted & Directed by:

Andrew DeCrescenzo

Alan B. McKenna

Story, Art, Audio, and Produced by:

Andrew DeCrescenzo

Imaging, Animation, & Visual Sound Effects by:

Alan B. McKenna

Music by:

Mike Roman

Introduction Colors: Koresawa

Cover Colors: Reggie Graham

Cast -- Voices in Order of Appearance

Narrator: Aditya Nayar

Unknown Explorer - "Jules": Jalen K. Cassell

Other Unknown Explorer: Morris Griffin Jr. (Graff)

Andrew: Andrew DeCrescenzo (that's me)

Matt: Matthew Kemler

Amy: Heidi Tabing (AderuMoro) (http://www.youtube.com/user/AderuMoro)

Claire (Blonde Girl): Kayli Mills (MewKiyoko) (http://www.youtube.com/user/MewKiyoko)

Elizabeth (Orange-Haired Girl): Avery Smithhart

Mysterious Horned Figure: Jalen K. Cassell

Jess: Jordan Sailors (JoeyKat) (http://www.youtube.com/user/jocochey)

Mysterious Dream Figure: Andrew DeCrescenzo

Episode 1: Destiny Calls

The door to a mysterious temple of ancient origins is unlocked by two curious researchers. After lying dormant for millennia the chambers soon reveal breathtaking treasures to them. But humans are weak by nature, and things go awry when greed and malice transpire. Seventeen years later, not-so-popular high school student Andrew finds himself in a world of trouble when a strange horned figure appears to spread terror and malevolence. When the lives of his best friend, Matt, and intense crush, Amy, are threatened, Andrew must overcome his sheepish nature to save his friends and discover the true meaning of courage. But is courage enough to overcome this metallic menace? And what of the familiar looking pendant that hangs in the possession of this powerful being? Don't miss the double issue premiere of Spirit Legends!

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I like this ! It has a DBZ feel to it but SO ORIGINAL :P I agree with the others on the speech bubbles and the audio of the boy that ended up with the talasmen was a but muffled but other then that GREAT

Cool stuff.

Clearly Toriyama inspired design and story- I hope it stays original as it continues. My only gripe is that if you are doing the Comic/Manga thing, don't have the speech bubbles and sound effects there before the text- it telegraphs things and takes away from the the acting- IMO at least...

Looking forward to the next one

drewmaru responds:

Thanks! This first issue was done a while back, so the word balloons were not on a separate layer. Starting with the second issue, the word balloons and sound effects will be appearing as separate layers.

This was pretty good. It's something original on Newgrounds that isn't a blatant parody of style steal from other popular artists. The story so far is pretty anime cliche, and it reeks of DBZ, but meh, who cares. It's what you want to write and do so more power to you for doing something you enjoy. It's worth sticking around to see where the story goes. Good voice acting for the most part so far as well. Good job for starting something that's going to be involved.

OMG YES JUST THIS YES. Best shit ive ever seen. Ever.

Yeah, that was technically awesome and the plot is cool. But please, kill the Sakura...hum, i mean the useless girl T-T