The Choice

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Solve challenging puzzles in 30 levels trying to reach your love. Avoid your pal and try to stay true to your choice!

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fuck this game so trash dickhead

I like this game, but it falls short of love. The levels weren't hard enough and there's no replay value. I'd say add hearts and booze to the level to collect. Also, a timer before she walks away for speedruns (as in you should add something like that). Perhaps a few levels you go to your friend instead, because it's piss poor form to let a friend drink alone. Also, why no levels of guiding her? That would be perfect with the theme at the end, like gathering stuff for it.

I agree with worldchamp on the inspiration, yet the story falls flat for a number of reasons. First the girl seems mad all the time so you personally don't want to be with her. 2nd the anti-drinking heartbreak because you hang out with your friend makes her seem like a b****. And lastly the jumping was a little clunky, i found myself messing up quite a few times because of missing by a few pixels. But as far as platformers go it was good, not great but good.... Enough.

Trite story, bad writing, stiff mechanics, boring level design. The story is really uninspired and a little insulting.

Fun little game, but nothing astonishing. The main mechanic in the gameis jumping, andthe mechanic feels way to restrictive, it doesn;t feel like I'm jumping, more so that I am alligning myself at a specific point, only to miss the obstacles by inches. It should've been a lot more melodic for a main mechanic especially in a platformer!

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3.25 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2013
4:03 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle