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LEVEL 2 10 Points

Beat level 1!

LEVEL 3 10 Points

Beat level 2!

LEVEL 4 10 Points

Beat level 3!

LEVEL 5 25 Points

Beat level 4!

LEVEL 6 25 Points

Beat level 5!

LEVEL 7 50 Points

Beat level 6!

LEVEL 8 50 Points

Beat level 7!

LEVEL 9 50 Points

Beat level 8! So close!

LEVEL 10 100 Points

Beat the game by beating level 9! :D

Author Comments

This abstract game game involves using a wrecking ball to block ninja stars from chopping your string. Or something like that! xD

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #28!
Please rate it! http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-28/?action=preview&uid=11407
This is fixed up a bit from the compo. Lots of small bugs are fixed, it's a little bit easier, and there are medals! ;D

(Also, the main soundtrack is to the left)

- Use the arrow (or WASD) keys to direct the wrecking ball.
- Do not let stars touch the rope! You lose health.
- Run the wrecking ball into stars to destroy them.
- Collect power-ups and upgrades!

- Made it a little bit more challenging
- The timer accounts for lag
- Q toggles particles/quality


All things considered, this is one of my favourite ludum dare games that I've seen.
It's very fun, and what it lacks in polish it more than makes up for in actual enjoyability.
The ball controls were actually very smooth, collision detection was actually more forgiving than I expected, and the music, I personally thought, was almost perfect for the game.
Given that it was made in 48 Hours, I'd say that this game is amazing.
If you wanted to make a sequel and spend tons of extra time to polish it until it shines, (such as increasing the number of power ups, increasing the length of the game, touching up the particles, etc.) then I'd love to play that too. And probably also love to compliment you again as well.

Good Job, all around. Keep it up. ^^

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Zanzlanz responds:

Aww wow thanks for the compliments!

The collision is a bit odd, definitely. Most of the time it's forgiving, but some times it can be evil too. In the sequel, I'd definitely want to make it perfect. Also I plan on adding many new power-ups, enemies, and even boss fights, haha!

Thanks again! :D

This game was amazingly fun. The control scheme was actually very well done and despite the simple concept, I was kept entertained through out the game. I also enjoyed the physics of the ball and the need for extension to gather power-ups/maneuver.
However, I felt the difficulty could have scaled a little better. While more and more stars appeared per level, the power-ups made the game rather easy. Once power ups started to appear more often, You could just chain from invincibility to health and not ever be in danger of dying: To me the game actually got EASIER as you leveled up, not harder. That being said, the music was perfect and it was a nice relaxing game that was executed very nicely.


Zanzlanz responds:

Thanks for your kind review, xAzazelz!

I agree that it gets easier. I didn't really intend on that being the case, but after I fixed a bug with powerups, it became pretty apparent. You review inspired me to go back and make it just a little bit more challenging. Thanks!

Also, look! Our usernames share the same number of Zs!

When I started this game, I was like "Oh geez, I'm controlling with the arrow keys? This is gonna be a mess." But I was pleasantly surprised as the ball actually controlled really really nicely!

Another fear I had going into this was that it would get too hectic and unfair towards the end, but you also proved my cynicism wrong in that regard. The bonuses you get upon leveling up are really helpful and keeps the game fair going all the way to the end.

Also, the music you used was perfect for this game.

I was slightly disappointed at the fact that I couldn't keep going after getting to level 10. Having the level cap end there and having a survival would have been fun.

Zanzlanz responds:

Thank you very much! I'm really did want to make the game rewarding, so I'm very happy that the controls and leveling helped with that. :)

I made the music for the game. Personally I'd want it a bit more energetic, but I stuck with it anyway. I feared that if I spent too much time making the music, I'd run out of time to finish making the game.

I also wanted it to go on forever, but since I didn't have enough content to keep it going, I ended up giving it a 10 level cap. But if I end up making a sequel, I'd be focusing on endless gameplay :D

Thanks again!

I came in like a Stretchy Baaaaalll!!!

Zanzlanz responds:

Ohh Miley. An unintended consequence of the initial concept of the game XD

if your dripping acid I would recommend not playing this and if your not dripping acid then this game will make you feel like you are. good game that was made in 2 days

only problem I had is at the begain it was lagging that's all keep it up. :D

Zanzlanz responds:

Hmmm, how'd you know what that's like? :3 jk

Thanks so much! ;D Sorry about the lag, I sometimes go overboard with particles.

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Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2013
7:59 PM EST
Skill - Collect