You Are Disabled

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Crippled 25 Points

Reach the end with the Crippled disability.

Illiterate 50 Points

Reach the end with the Illiterate disability.

Nearly Blind 100 Points

Reach the end with the Nearly Blind disability.

Spastic 100 Points

Reach the end with the Spastic disability.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare Jam:


You Are Disabled is a platformer where your character is plagued with a random disability at birth, seen as inferior by humanity and discarded underground. Your character must cope with his/her disability while trying to escape the underground prison.

Each disability brings something somewhat unique to your playthrough.


Nearly Blind


Space/Z = Jump
Arrow Keys/WASD = Move
Down/S = Talk and Read


UPDATE - V1.1:
Thanks for all the plays and feedback. I'm very happy with the reception this game has gotten. This game seems to have resonated with a lot of you, and that's very cool.

I realize that many of you are getting frustrated with the game, but that's the point. Many people who are disabled in real life do get frustrated. Life isn't always fair, and I wanted to try and portray that in this little game.


- Added a way to restart with a different disability from the first room
- Made it so you respawn on the side of the room you came from
- Got rid of unintended annoyances while playing Spastic
- Added an indication right before a tic when playing Spastic
- Made lava bubble hitbox a little smaller
- Shameless self promotion links when clicking "A Game By Cory Martin"
- Fixed a typo
- Other minor tweaks
- Secret



i had a couple more disabilities planned and their systems in place (scared of socialization, armless) but I couldn't work them in the actual levels in time.

On the second day of Ludum Dare, I wasn't really happy at all with how the game was turning out; it was devoid of character and the level design was haphazard. I decided to take another day and try and fix it up the best I could and submit it in time for the 72 hour jam instead. After not sleeping and spending the whole day introducing new mechanics, designing levels, adding in all the dialog and thematic elements and other miscellaneous things, I think I turned it into a decent game.

The game is potentially very unfair, especially with certain disabilities, but I think that fits the message of the game well.


Most of you guys are complaining the game is too hard.
That is the point. Living with certain disabilities can be rough, and not a walk in the park.
Also, for the one who complained about getting stuck on a platform with no one to transport you, you probably talked to the wrong guy who purposely put you there. It's all about trial and error.
To the person who complained about the Spastic disability, of course it's going to be a game of Russian Roulette, people who have that type of disability are going to have attacks that will cause them to hurt themselves, the creator even made that disability a bit easier to cope with by adding in a cue for when the character is about to move by himself.
Overall, this game is well made, at least to me and I hope to see more like this.
You have to look deeper into the point of this game and not complain about the difficulty.

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i also got stuck so i had to kill my self in the lava it was shit

in my playthrough, i was crippled. i got stuck on a plantform with no one to transport me. please fix this

ok....... First, this game's really too hard to stay interested in. 2nd, what's the point of trying to send a message by putting up signs if the disability is illiterate. 3rd, it's really hard to not jump into the lava if u r spastic. There's some good things in this game, so just fix some problems n it'll get 5 stars. XD

I recently played this game and it compelled me to make an account just so I could write a review. I've been playing games here for a long while now and I've conquered my fair share of difficult games, but this one truly takes the cake. Prior to my account's creation, I had completed the game with the disabilities 'near blind' and 'illiterate' . Today, I ran into the Spastic disability which essentially destroyed all of the love I had had for this game. I understand that the premise of the game was to showcase the unfairness of life - especially for those who are disabled - unfortunately, Spastic mode is just TOO unfair. On Spastic mode, the game turns into Russian Roulette. Spastic mode could've been executed so many other ways that could've made it extremely difficult without it being pointlessly infuriating and message-destroying. Halfway through Spastic mode - I started SUICIDING on purpose. I went from 'the lives of the disabled must be so hard - it's amazing how some manage to persevere' to '**** the disabled; if they can't do what you ask of them then what ****** use are they'. I started to join the 'dark side' or rather 'dark SIGNS'. I even got a few friends to play the game; all of them rage-quit 1/4 of the way through because they lost all desire to see what the rest of the game had to offer. I really do get what you're trying to portray but I believe that you should've still stuck to the guidelines for what makes a game good. GOOD GAMES shouldn't make players lose all interest absolutely (as in forever). Good games should never make luck a major game mechanic. Do you think Shadow of the Colossus (another game I've just recently played and platinum-ed on PS3) would be as highly-acclaimed as it is if the ability to see and attack colossi was luck based? If 50% or so of the time, colossi were just basically invulnerable because their weakspots would not show and you had no choice but to restart you console to try your hand again? Really - severe screen shakes could've sufficed for Spastic mode. Heck, SUPER MEATBOY was way easier to beat than this and/or at least interesting enough to push on past the difficulties. If 'unfairness' is all you're really going to stand behind then I wonder why didn't you make everything else just as hard either? I'm giving it 2.5 stars because it functions technically like an average/basic game with a relatively unique premise but Spastic mode is just too broken. I have no idea how 5 stars have been given; it feels like the people who reviewed this game believe that unfair difficulty instantly equates to the perfect game. If you want to make a deep game, make sure it stays A GAME. If I wanted to gamble randomly then I'd go to a casino - at least if I did win, I'd have money to spend - not just a 'medal' (winning in this game does not even really give you much bragging rights or provide more insight into the life of the disabled).

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3.19 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2013
4:53 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other