Oh No... Goblins!

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Orc Slayer 5 Points

Kill 50 orcs

Ogre Slayer 10 Points

Kill 50 Ogres

Coins Collector 25 Points

Collect 300 gold colins

Goblin Slayer 25 Points

Kill 30 Goblin Knights

Super Knight 50 Points

Unlock all the upgrade

Realm Hero 100 Points

Kill the Goblin King

Author Comments

Have no mercy: kill different types of goblins, take special weapons, upgrade your character through 15 XP levels to finally face the Goblin's King, regain your Kingdom's gold and become a Hero!

Game Updated:
- Fixed Super Knight medal
- Increased health boxes frequency
- Life bonus at level up

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Overall, the game has some promise, but it is held back by problems such as lack of health refill, and repetition.

The player only moves around and shoots, with occasional changes to weaponry via item boxes, with no real other tactics.

Then there is the problem with the health refill boxes. Most of the time, the boxes do not work, which makes the difficulty factor of the game that much higher, as one minor mistake on the part of the player, makes the game almost impossible to play without having to start all over again.

When the player upgrades a level, they get 5 additional health points, but the bad guys take at least 8 health points per hit.

Then there is an issue with the Super Knight medal. I have beaten the game twice, and selected available upgrades as they came, and the Super Knight medal is still unreachable.

The background music fits well.

Overall, if the problems were fixed, this game would be in the 4.0-4.5 range, but as it stands, 1.0 is as good as it gets.

A few simple things I feel would make this game even better.

1.) A block mechanic; this would force the player to think defense sometimes over constant sword-spamming.
2.) Different hit locations on enemies (and death sequences); again this would force the player to use a bit more strategy.
3.) Different stage environments; I'm in quite a few stages yet the background hasn't changed a bit except for the lower rungs on the towers are now broken (come on, you can do waaaaay more).

With the above elements added, you would have at least a 4-star game for sure.

Oh yes, those health packs and life bonuses that give you an extra 5 health are so incredibly helpful. NOT! This game is impossible.

TOO FUCKING HARD. At least restore my health when i get a fucking health upgrade at the end of a round. Or better yet just at the end of the fucking round like good games that are like this.

It seems needlessly cheap to start you off with 13 health after a death, with no chance of buying health and with such little health drops. I also felt the jumping goblins were pretty cheap, one actually jumped over my head i went back he followed me in midair I changed direction again two more times and he followed me at every turn, WHILE STILL IN MIDAIR, and killed me, they also can hit you multiple times if you are unfortunate enough to dodge them while getting hit. I guess you could fix the health issue but it would just open up another issue by making the game really easy I guess.

Shimiegames responds:

Thank you very much. I've updated the game, now health boxes drop more frequently and you get a higer life bonus at level up. This should make it easier, but not too much.

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2013
6:57 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other