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0RBITALIS is a game about defying gravity. With just one click.

The game has been made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 28, themed "You Only Get One".

You can get the FULL VERSION of 0RBITALIS on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/app/278440 , including 50+ solar systems, different types of missions and dozens of new elements.

- Move the [MOUSE] to decide in which direction to push your satellite. The dashed line indicates its predicted orbit.

- [CLICK] to launch it. You only have get one shot: use it wisely.

- If you ended up in a looping orbit, just click and it will automatically go to the next level.

Follow any future development of 0RBITALIS on Twitter: @AlanZucconi ( https://twitter.com/AlanZucconi ).

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Very interesting puzzle game. Also very fun. i finished all of the levels. It is indeed difficult, but that doesnt matter with this quality. One thing: you should add some instructions. I didnt even know how to play in the beginning, and i all found it a bit confusing. But you made me so interested, i HAD to keep playing. Good job!

Very Very fun this game makes u think and its fun keep up the good work

Hands down 5 stars. Very difficult, especially the last stage, and the introduction of anti-gravity is a nice twist. Although some instructions would have been nice before I figured out blue is negative gravity.
Maybe you could make a version with some sort of plotline too?

5 stars hands down i love this game, the creativity is so well drawn out in every level you are providing the player with different paths to gain the goal.

i love it also i wen't in a infinite shape...like infinintly xD.