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Author Comments

Collect your Gold and Loot in Loot Clicker!

Use the Mouse to navigate Menus.
Click the "Farm!" button to gain gold.
Spend your gold on units to kill monsters and get gold for you.
Find Loot to upgrade your units.

Designed for the "Trials of Oryx" contest:


nice game! ;)

it would be better if the loots can sort by its type and use :D

I love the artstyle of the game and i am addicted to clickergames anyway so give 5 stars.

PS: Sry for my bad english, i am not a naitiv speaker.

this really needs a sell all loot option

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It´s nice idle game, it just lags if I buy a unit. also some additional content might be better.

I like the interface in this game, the color codes and overall simplicity of it all. The 'loot' keeps you interested a while too... though once you've rattled out the better stuff, the stream of loot that follows is pretty overwhelming! Has been said before, but a 'sell all' option would be really useful here. The items don't give much money in the long run, but they clutter up the inventory. Another issue I ran into, no idea if it's due to the game or something else, was increasing memory usage while playing this until either I shut down the browser or it crashed, and I had to start over again, let it run till it crashed; rinse and repeat to keep grinding. I tried a couple different computers, and though the browser crashed only on the one with less CPU power, the game did run noticeably slower on the other one as well, with FPS going down from 30 to around 7 after minutes of play. A bit annoying, considering this is a game you have to play for along time to 'win'. Also unexpected, considering the text-based design, but I assume it might be something to do with the constant stream of loot you receive?

Anyway, despite these issues I enjoyed the game. It's simple, addicting; rewarding. A few notes on strategy: money medals definitely take the most time, so focus on money! And since it's the total amount that counts, and not the current, spend it faster to get faster upgrades. For the Idler medal some people seem to have trouble with: just don't do anything! Let the game play itself for a while. ;) It seems loot has a random value for different stats, between certain numbers. I assume the highest for the smaller ones is 30%, and the highest for cursor seems to be 500%. Also, after you defeat the demons (it's an idle battle), keep an eye out for one more special item to fill that empty space below the cursor. :)

Thanks for the entertainment!


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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2013
8:11 PM EST
Adventure - RPG