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Author Comments

Collect your Gold and Loot in Loot Clicker!

Use the Mouse to navigate Menus.
Click the "Farm!" button to gain gold.
Spend your gold on units to kill monsters and get gold for you.
Find Loot to upgrade your units.

Designed for the "Trials of Oryx" contest:


The premise of the game is great! Although saving settings are needed. I would like the game to save every 45 seconds, and later in the game every 3 minutes. The saving per second can cause lag in the game.

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Great for spending your times or for accompanying you doing something else in your computer, but please what is the 24th item in shop!!!

This is good game its a little lame at first though because you rarely ever get loot and at the point I am at (a few seconds per million) I doesn't expand much. This game would get stars if it had more upgrades.

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well, 111 all units and 9999 undeads, 89 achievements, didnt thought this game would give me so much fun, woulb love to see more of this.

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2.5 stars purely for getting me to play for so long. But just out of interest because of previous post, how long does it take for all achievements? Like how much is the 100th elder? At 156m to get my 96th knight I only shudder at the thought.

As for gameplay you can tell from the first 10 clicks it's limited. But it's understandable since it was for a contest, assuming here that it didn't take weeks to make. The calculations involved needed to get exactly 214% boost to clicks while running a 186% potion, with all other factors included? Not present. Again understandable.

There are many things you could do to take this project further, instead of just number-crunching and making it pointless leaving it running in background, seeing as how in 4 hours at mostly 100's in units I get say 40 million maybe? Where as with a potion and spell running at 3x and clicking farm like a nut (and repeat) for 15 minutes I'll get about 500 million. No auto-clicker necessary.

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2013
8:11 PM EST
Adventure - RPG