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Use the ARROW Keys or WASD Keys to move. MOUSE to use your grappling hook. (after upgrading)


I love everything about this game.

I gave up at the level where you have to quickly switch between the lasers. Seems to be the next to last one, which I only know because I resorted to watching the walkthrough at that point. Not because I didn't understand how to get past it, but because my fingers would not allow such a feat.

It felt a little bit like my hand was being twisted all pretzel-y and my fingers wouldn't stop tripping over each other. Yeah. :'(

One thing I noticed is that the game seems a bit short. I mean, had I completed it, I would have thought it was short.

Everything else is superb however.

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Chalengin game for patience ppl.Combination arrows+ mouse..nice work

Rather fun, but the areas with spikes on ceiling and floor are a little excessive, and the sheer number of them make me feel like you ran out of ideas for challenges.
Couldn't complete it, myself, as one of those spike rooms wore out my patience, but up until then it was quite enjoyable.
Also, I like the music. Did you put that up somewhere too?

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Nice game, I love it!
Waiting for continuing.

Good style and game play. I wonder if having the sling shot should be at the beginning, because it's something that sets this game apart from others, and a lot of players might quit after the first few levels because because of the similarity of it. The song it 100% not nice to listen to on headphones because of the stereo separation on it. Try creating a new stereo layer on top of the current one, turn down the volume on that layer specifically, and reverse the sides so there can be more audio unity.

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3.87 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2013
8:51 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle