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The Truth About Santa: Pi

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Hey New Grounds...... I mostly post my videos over on youtube.com/itsalexclark

This was one of the first ever cartoons I ever made. Right when I was trying to figure out the animation software. So there is no need to critique the animation style..... I already know how I would make it better if I redid this video.

I still wanted to post this though because it's christmas time and this is perfect for that :)


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Haha, corroption even for Christmas... it's the way of the world! :) Not as down-to-Earth as the regular animations, but still plenty entertaining. Keep it going!



Haha right on man, I dig the rhymes you came up with.
Those mixed with the jolly music in the background are just perfect for this holiday season!
You've definitely improved a bit with your style and polishing of your animations, but this was enjoyable nonetheless.
Are you going to release a new animation for this Xmas perhaps??
Keep up the good work!

Not bad for your first video. It's entertaining, but not all that funny. I'll give you a break because it was your first, and the lack of actual animation doesn't leave all that to be criticized. I liked the rhyming parts, though. That was good. But you want to see a REAL Newgrounds Christmas video? I hate it with all of my heart, but look for Santa Came Twice, or something along those lines. That video ruined Christmas for me, but you might like it for advice on how to ruin this special holiday. Can't wait for your next video!