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Bro vs Zombie

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In Bro vs Zombie, you take control of "the Bro", helping him to survive, escape, and send the dead back to their grave.

You earn money when you killed zombies, and you can use that money to upgrade your weapons (there are 4 different weapon, and each of them can be upgraded), or buy stuff that can help you escape.

You can also get experience point after killing zombie, and then you can level up when you have enough experience point, and everytime you leveled up, you can learn new skills that can help you survive !

The fate of "the Bro" is in your hands !

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Nice game, maybe too much simple but is really entertaining!

A boring clone of "Dude and Zombies" :-(

cool, like the zombies. I wish there were more weapons though. 4 didn't seem like enough after a while

I think the game is done pretty good,the skills,upgrade for weapons and money for killing is nicely balanced there was no trouble for me passing for the first time and all,the next wave button is a good thing to add,and some more type os enemies,like bigger zombies more stronger, i only see 3 of them,you did a good job is a solid game and nice to play.

The design and animation are bad, also I saw a bunch of games like this even with the same thematic. The things that I liked are the bullets who are fired randomly, not only straight, and the thing that you can repair your car while zombies are eating you. All in all not really creative game.