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Ratchet Head

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One Quarter 10 Points

Take KING SPACE down to 75% health

Halfway Point 25 Points

Take KING SPACE down to 50% health

Almost There 50 Points

Take KING SPACE down to 25% health

VICTORY 100 Points

Take KING SPACE down to 0% health

Author Comments

UPDATE: Now with Auto Fire Mode!
(press "M" during the game over screen to go back to the main menu should you want to switch modes)

Ratchet Head is a chill robot dude with a ratchet for a head, or inside its head, maybe? This means of course that Ratchet Head can totes defeat that interdimensional tyrant KING SPACE, so let's make it happen.

- Arrow Keys to move
- Z to shoot
- X to jump
- One thing I didn't make clear in the game itself is that there's a brief moment of invincibility while jumping. It can be a life saver!

KING SPACE has 1000 hit points. Originally it was 100,000. Then I brought it down to 10k. One stack is the best amount of stacks.

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Not too challenging. It's pretty repetitive, I might have appreciated a couple different modes it switched between. Maybe it could have quickened after losing half health.

Great graphics, concept, and most importantly, music.
You should upload the music in the audio portal

I like this game. It brings challenges that are rare in games these days, which is refreshing! Keep up the good work!

This is a challenging robot boss dueling game. Adding auto fire was a nice touch. I have played many NES games , and this seems like a mini tribute.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

It's very hard to defeat KING SPACE!

On Normal mode this is almost impossible. On autofire mode it's possible, but it's needs a very much time and precision. When KING SPACE stays in one place is easy to shoot in him. But it's getting worse when he's moving.

I think you should add some powerups. This would make this game easier.

I like graphics (especially KING SPACE design) and music (It's awesome).