Simple Monster Hunter

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Beat powerful monsters. Step by step to become a hunter.
Beat monsters to get the materials, forging super equipment by material. More than 100 items to explore and forging.
-You can sell monster parts in the store!
-Skip battle when round more than 15.
-critical strike damage reduction.
-item price drop down.
-skip battle when round more than 25.


great concept and system of forging and so forth... it just needs to be more compelling

This took me a minute to figure out but to equip things, you have to click on them in the forging menu.

gd4219 responds:

oh..sounds like a bad user experience.

I love the game great job

gd4219 responds:


I know it has simple in the title, but it was very boring to watch my character and whether enemy I was fighting just charging at each other until one died, and I couldn't even see how much health me or my opponent had. Another thing I would like to point out was that I didn't know how much iron, bones, sliver, etc. I had. Also, I would like to say that it was easy to just replay missions over and over again to get money because you get maximum health every round no matter how much you lost during the last battle.Overall, it was a decent game that needed a bit of work. I suggest things like:

-Backgrounds for when you're fighting
-Spells that cripple the enemy in some way(Blindness, lose 2 health every round, etc.)
-The ability to just buy an item instead of painfully collecting items and then paying for it
-Although you could keep the "collecting-items-and-paying-for-them" thing and just give the players a 30% discount if they get all the materials needed.

gd4219 responds:

thanx your suggest. I will do that.

This would of been a pretty good game to play. Like the title says its simple, which isn't a bad thing. One of the main flaws i saw was that i couldn't equip anything i forged. i tried refreshing the page and all that i saw was that it did save it and that everything i forged was gone from the list of things you can forge. About saving, you could add a reset data button just to have some replay-ability. Sounds and music were good. Overall a pretty good game its just it could use something during the battle sequence like maybe a background or something. It's just the utmost biggest thing was the inability to equip your items you bought. keep it up though!

gd4219 responds:

starrykid , i'm sorry. i should be make a tutorial. In fact, you can equip your items. just click forged item banner again ,and them "forge button" already change to "equip button".

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3.44 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2013
2:13 PM EST
Adventure - RPG