Simple Monster Hunter

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Beat powerful monsters. Step by step to become a hunter.
Beat monsters to get the materials, forging super equipment by material. More than 100 items to explore and forging.
-You can sell monster parts in the store!
-Skip battle when round more than 15.
-critical strike damage reduction.
-item price drop down.
-skip battle when round more than 25.


I like the game but got to the point of fighting the first rioras in act II and he 2 hits me even though I have a full zaku set. Maybe I'm missing something but there does not appear to be a way to further improve my character so there is really nothing I can do since I can't progress on the quests to get better materials without being able to beat rioras. In short, at this point there seems to be balancing problems which are game breaking. Rated 3 stars for potential but needs work.

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gd4219 responds:

I'm sorry.miss tutorial.. In the HERO screen , click the equipment icon, and then you can see "Upgrade" Button.. OK..Just upgrade your equipments.

great game but need a save button and the price of the item is rediculous not that it help you,the shop it need more helpful item.

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gd4219 responds:

Game was autosave now. Please try again :)

This is a very fun game. I understand that it's idle, but having having a health bar on the combat screen would make my day easier.

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The game has potential to be really addicting. The monotony got to me after about 30 minutes

Some areas to work on:
1. Either less required items or more frequent drops. Or a better shop system where you can buy MOST (but not all) of the items required. That would cut down on a lot of the boredom through endless battling.
2. Have the equip options on the HERO button. equipping through the forge screen is annoying and difficult to figure out.
3. Fix the autosave system. I came back to the game to pick up where I left off and I'm naked again with no forged items. But I have a lot of money that can't be put to good use because all I can buy are ores.

Keep working on it

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gd4219 responds:

autosave system bug already fixed. Please try again.

Lost all forged item and forge used material after browser restart.
Sorry but not ever playing again after spend hours forging a set of armor and weapon only to lose it all on the next game.

Other wise I like the game! Therefore 2 stars :(

gd4219 responds:

autosave system bug already fixed. Please try again.

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3.43 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2013
2:13 PM EST
Adventure - RPG