Simple Monster Hunter

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Beat powerful monsters. Step by step to become a hunter.
Beat monsters to get the materials, forging super equipment by material. More than 100 items to explore and forging.
-You can sell monster parts in the store!
-Skip battle when round more than 15.
-critical strike damage reduction.
-item price drop down.
-skip battle when round more than 25.


You should totaly add achievement for this

I enjoy this game, but I can't find a save button, I'm still wearing pig armor, so please take my criticisms with a lump of salt. I do believe the graphics could be better, in a sequel or a revamp that will be a must. a bit of story or direction couldn't hurt, maybe add a journal for achievements and mile-marker quests. I'm still enjoying the game while I hunt zakus with my tooth sword. Overall, I believe this is a good game for the first in a possible future series, *Hint Hint* or maybe just add a few polished versions and perhaps launch an RPG with a town or two and dungeons, Graphics are the main consideration here, but I want you to know that this is a wonderful project, I hope you stick with it.

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gd4219 responds:

Thanks your feedback. Actually, game has auto save feature but i dont know what happen with you.
maybe you could update your FlashPlayer to fix this.

Thank you for make this awesome game!
i like it ♥

This game is awesome and definitely worth a try. Also, I beat the Rioras in one try with the Zaku set+4 w/ blade. His crits only do 20 damage and you should get more crits than him. Your crits deal 277 damage.

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love the game and the style but can you please have it stay on quest tab after completing one it gets repetitive having to click quest tab over and over to farm a monster for there parts

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3.44 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2013
2:13 PM EST
Adventure - RPG