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World Countries Quiz

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Author Comments

Mrozinsky's World Countries Quiz is a unique educational game that's perfect for geography learning. The main objective is guessing the names of countries, capitals and flags.

* The game includes all of the countries of the world
* Large world map (4400 pixels wide and 2300 pixels tall)
* Three game modes and additional passive learning mode
* Names of countries and capitals translated into 9 languages
* Additional information about each country (population, population density, area)
* 8 selectable sets of countries

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dang I hate greece

You forgot Taiwan 🇹🇼

Republic of China?

Oh my god love this game! It is both fun and educational. I think this should be more well known. Great job, mrozinsky, p.s. great music!

13/23 on "North America", not bad enough to quite be poked fun of for being a stupid American I hope, but too many of these were about sh***y islands no one cares about just off the coast of SOUTH America to call it a quiz about NORTH America. I guess this could be useful as a tool for memorizing them if you were after that.