Swimming Pool Monster

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What can be better than spend a hot summer day near a swimming pool? There is a lot of bikini babes with nice big boobs and round asses. You play as a horny tentacle monster who wants to fuck all these sexy chicks.

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My lazy ass had an autoclicker going, found a bug with the 'progress to the next challenge' arrow. spam it, it'll keep progressing to the end. Other than that tiny thing it's a great challenging game, very much worth the time to win legitimately.

When you think about it....the octopus would make a way better lifeguard. Atleast he's alert, aint nobody drowning on his watch.

Pretty fun. I got stuck at first on the level where you need to remove both top and bottoms and thought game was too hard, but once I got past that everything else was pretty easy.

This is one of the better games on this website, and I have to say it is one of the best online. Games of Desire has outdone themselves on this one. its mildly difficult up until you get the muscle memory down/get the hang of the controls.

yup very easy, the only tough part is lvl 10 SometimeS the lifeguard has too shrt a nap, can barely get 1 1/2 bars filled b4 he kills me, did that 6 times a in a row lost a few times more and it started to become more random and i beat lvl 10 1 girl at a time. so try long enough and dont give up on lvl 10 and ull win, u could also get auto clicker thatll click 50-80x a second to help if u rly feel u cant win.