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Beyond The Glass

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Video for my song, Beyond The Glass: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/558695

Please Read:
This is just a music video I did for one of my songs on Harmony Of A Hunter- Metroid album. It's sole purpose was to be a cool bonus for that project, and to be something other than a static background image for uploading my music to youtube.

It took me over 6 months to produce and render the footage in this video, by then I ran out of time and had to composite and edit the shots into something viewable for the album release.

I originally wanted to do a full-length video with a lot of action sequences, but I'm only one guy and was under a deadline and I also had other Metroid music I was obligated to finish for the album.

And honestly, it's not very motivating to work construction during the day just to make a living, and then spend 100% of my free time working for a year or two on a full-length video that only a few people will even see.

So yeah, sorry it wasn't long enough for some of you, and thanks to everyone who liked it :)

**For more music & animation, please support my Sci-Fi Kickstarter Album:
Eternity Rising-- http://kck.st/1crtRpz


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cool! gimme a movie!