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Fucked Up Date Collab

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Hi, Daker777NG here, after months of lots of problems concerning EVERYTHING, this collab is finally up. My inexperience as collab organizer plus uncertainty about who is doing their part of the collab and who is not led to so many delays, thank god YomToxic saved the day!
Hope you enjoy!


Yom here. Putting this collab together was the easy part. Fixing the bios and finalizing the changes suggested by the team feedback took longer. Thanks, Dakker, for letting me put the collab together!

Well, here it is - what started out as a pipe dream... now all finished. Enjoy the show, folks!

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Damn fine collab, every entry comes out of left field, and gives you a good smack to the cranium, just like real life does. The current score of 3.22 surprised me though :\ True, there's not a lot of detail or polish, but I remember following the progress of this collab... while the energy was always positive and upbeat, the weight of Murphy's law almost squashed this very Newgroundian flash collab. Yomu-chan was the right guy, in the right company, at the right time.

I'm not a fan of every artist that collaborated, but have seen their work before and after this was made. So.. yeah I'm sticking to a review score of 5/5 because that's what my heart tells me to do, thanks to everyone who had a hand in this, you're the people I wanna see when I'm here at Newgrounds.

lol nice

lovely alien..

the first and last are my fave's.

Is it strange that I'm JUST NOW watching this video?