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Gym Class Sucks(Unless Yo

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Wow... featured three times on the front page. I'm definitely feeling the love :). Thanks for all the great critiques and comments. It's definitely made me want to work harder than ever to make some great sh*t for you guys.

Way more cartoons over at:


New Vides Every Wednesday..... ok? byyyeeeeeeeeeeeee

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i hated gym class because for some reason i always ended up having it in a different period from my friends so i ended up being that kid that had to partner with the teacher to do sit ups and stand against a wall alone during free time :/

lol, nice move. hmmm what did I hate in school, the first day of school would be number one lol. Especially if you just moved to the area. But the second day is the greatest and it gets better :)

you sound like brian regan and this video is soo true

i didn't hate any class chilling with the semi cool kids

Spanish class kind of sucks when you're the only white kid.