Cannonball Max

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Cannonball Max a fun one-button skill game with human cannonballs. Your mission is to shoot these guys into the air. Try to reach the target as close as you can, but be careful to not fly further than the target. Various venues and cannons with changing conditions in every level means that there is endless room for improvement when trying to reach the high score. Enjoy!

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I'd like to see better drawings and a more stylized menu. It looks as if done hastily.

this game is more luck than anything else. if you are lucky enough to guess the angle and force, to contend with gravity, wind, and ever changing object weights, then you are more a connonball launcher than i am. you get 5 redo's over 12 rounds. not knowing that they DO NOT reload after each shot, i spent 4 of them on the first round finally resulting in a perfect shot and coming no where close on the remaining 11 shots. i like the idea of hitting a target instead of just seeing how far your shot will go, but a little better direction and maybe 2-3 redos per shot, instead of 5 for 12 shots, would be a little better. maybe keep the same cannon for the entire game, then upgrade based on the points you're able to get from that instead of swapping cannons every round. give the person playing a chance to get used to the cannon before switching it out for a new one ever round.

DigiCroc responds:

Thanks for the review. At first it is indeed about luck when you don't yet know how the conditions affect the shooting and how different cannons behave. Good suggestion on keeping the same cannon through a cup or more rounds before switching to a new one. So there is a bit of learning curve, but eventually it's surely a skill game where luck plays much smaller role. You can't score e.g. 20,000 points by luck on 'Earth Cup', but a skilled player can do it even many times in a row.

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3.60 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2013
12:53 PM EST
Skill - Other