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You Had One Job: TURBO!

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Take on the role of the new intern at St. Ludums Hospital, a mysterious place of medicine where all ailments can be cured through copious application of a defiblirator. Careful though, your sarcastic supervisor Dr. Coxhouse is just waiting for an excuse to fire you.

You have one job: Stabilise as many patients as possible by timing your defibrilator to their heart beat. Simply press the Defib button when the pulse monitor turns red to help stabilise the patient.

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The idea is hilarious. But the execution is poor. I don't know if everyone is ready for a turbo hospital. I wasn't. If 'all ailments' are cured by defib, its a shame you waste your potential for comedy by not showing it used to fix getting objects stuck in noses, papercuts, etc. Also every 'stage' has the same timing, so there is no real skill.

Could have given a much better explanation; time the clicks to the heartbeat maybe? Extremely easy, if you can beat level one, you can play neverending, which is a shame because it gets boring in less than a minute.

Not much to do and not that interactive. Needs to have more depth or more of a challenge with different aspects per patient.