Sleaze City Short Film

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Uri Dedman makes being Sleazy look Easy!

Discoteque & Takeaway owner and all round bad guy - Uri Dedman, goes on an egotistical rampage to bring traditional Turkish dance to the forefront of popular culture - but is Sleaze City ready for it? I wouldn't like to get in his way!

This was originally meant to be my homage to all the greats like Scarface, The Godfather, Taxi Driver and the works of the Coen Brothers. That didn't really work out but I hope you like it anyway!

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I liked that a lot.

Audio was a little weird in some parts but overall really good.

sleazecity responds:

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. I did the audio on a really cheap microphone and used a pair of tights as a spit guard. With hindsight it was a bad idea, the tights were covered in spit and not very pleasant to wear anymore!

The story was a bit hard to follow, but ultimately intriguing, and you could also improve on the animation a bit. I love the drawing style and character design, it reminds me of King of the Hill with tones of Doug.

sleazecity responds:

Thanks for your thoughts, would be interested to know where you found the story difficult to follow so I don't do the same thing in future. I wanted to improve the animation but I just wanted to finish and upload it so I could work on the next one.

This was sort of strange, in a surreal Pulp Fiction meets GTA: Vice City, kind of way. I liked it.

sleazecity responds:

I appreciate your feedback mad man, if this had half an ounce of coolness that Pulp Fiction and GTA have I would be very happy! Someone should make a Pulp Fiction GTA game though has that been done yet?

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3.16 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2013
11:44 AM EST
Comedy - Original