Dungeon Master

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Blood Lust! 5 Points

Hoard 30 Souls


Score up to 10,000 points!

Good! 5 Points

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Great! 5 Points

Score up to 5000 Points

Life Taker! 5 Points

Commit your first Murder

Lumber! 5 Points

Obtain your first log!

Tarjan! 10 Points

Defeat Tarjan!

Vanisha! 10 Points

Defeat Vanisha!

Mage! 25 Points

Win with a SpellBook!

Ranger! 25 Points

Win with a Boomerang!

Warrior! 25 Points

Win with a Slashing Weapon

Unstoppable! 50 Points

Win with your bare hands!

Author Comments


- Font Fixed! (Can't believe no one complained about this yet!)
If there are any font errors (If it disapears, or is not the "8-Bit" Font" notify me by PM or Review)
- Other Very Minor barely noticeable changes.

Dungeon Master! Enter a Massive Dungeon full of Ominous Environments an mysterious creatures. Join Dot as he ventures through the dungeon in hope of finding lost explorers who have gone missing in the Master Dungeon, in this puzzle platformer!

Controls are Explained in game!


For those who don't want to take an hour searching: arrows and x to start.

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Controls should not be "explained in game". I spent a while mashing keys until I finally got the game to start. then I died because I didn't even know there was a jump button. I really don't want to continue playing but I will just so I can see past the second screen.

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the screen is so tiny ...

also the jump is terribal.

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cackletta responds:

I increased the Screen Resolution from it's former puny size. Hopefully Jumping and the overall visuals will seem better this way.

The game could be pretty good, but it is lacking in certain things.

Lacking or bad:
- You can only carry one weapon at a time and the range or attack pattern of each weapon is not explained or shown until after you buy it (it would have been cool if you can carry one weapon and one spell at the least). Also, the fact that the new weapon you buy replaces the old one without returning the materials you used to build it is annoying.
- It seems as if certain weapons are best to use against certain bosses. I only reached the second and it seems that range weapons were the best to use since the boss can easily take out his melee weapon to hit you if you get close. It adds to the annoyance that the player will not know this until they meet the boss and have already made their choice in weapon, good or bad.
- Not being able to visit previous rooms, even if there was nothing left to gather in them, takes a little away from the experience, but not too much.
- I know someone else has complained about it, but the boomerang attack (as cool looking at the concept is) always seems to go around the enemies due to the limited space provided for the player on the platforms. It is still possible to hit them, but the boomerang is awkward in a way and definitely not one of my favorite weapons.
- The second room shows the way you came in being wall. (was there a cave-in?)

- The battling system for the game was interesting. Not having the player actually swing melee weapons, but have them swing themselves may show a lack of additional sprite art (no offense) or this was on purpose. Either way, it still looked kinda cool.
- There were no glitches, at least, from as far as I went in the game.
- I can see under Credit and Info you went all out gathering or making songs. Very good idea to get a sound track for your game.
- I really don't know for certain if it was the best idea, but thank you for letting the players keep the materials they gathered during the adventure even after dying. This at least allows the players to make the specific weapon they may want and need.
- As small as this may sound, thank you for putting in control instructions, a "try again" function, and for putting in a story, as short as it may be. I've played a lot of game recently that lack these traits.

I hope to see more games from you. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but it feels so limiting and cramped in the game when I feel like I should have more freedom and more ways to kill the enemies, but it was still an okay game despite its flaws (by the way, thank you for coming back and fixing the problems other players complained about). I hoped you'll keep making games. Good luck with your future projects.

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2.82 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2013
10:32 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle