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Dungeon Master

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Blood Lust! 5 Points

Hoard 30 Souls


Score up to 10,000 points!

Good! 5 Points

Score up to 1000 Points!

Great! 5 Points

Score up to 5000 Points

Life Taker! 5 Points

Commit your first Murder

Lumber! 5 Points

Obtain your first log!

Tarjan! 10 Points

Defeat Tarjan!

Vanisha! 10 Points

Defeat Vanisha!

Mage! 25 Points

Win with a SpellBook!

Ranger! 25 Points

Win with a Boomerang!

Warrior! 25 Points

Win with a Slashing Weapon

Unstoppable! 50 Points

Win with your bare hands!

Author Comments


- Font Fixed! (Can't believe no one complained about this yet!)
If there are any font errors (If it disapears, or is not the "8-Bit" Font" notify me by PM or Review)
- Other Very Minor barely noticeable changes.

Dungeon Master! Enter a Massive Dungeon full of Ominous Environments an mysterious creatures. Join Dot as he ventures through the dungeon in hope of finding lost explorers who have gone missing in the Master Dungeon, in this puzzle platformer!

Controls are Explained in game!

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fuck this game the worst game i ever played the worst jumping all the weapons suck and the easiest enemy can kill if you get between a wall. also the medal are too low and too hard to get just play tiny dangerous dungeon is way better do not waste your time trust me.

The poor jump mechanics caused me to instantly quit. The immediate stop in propulsion when letting go of x as well as the significant delay in actually jumping caused me to die 10 times on the VERY first pit before I finally made it.

I don't know who makes the medals but I don't think it's possible to get the "bare-handed" achievement (I guess you need to have "EMPTY" in your inventory for this to happen, or you'll get other achievements by holding other equipment)

That guy Tarjan is impossible if you go bare-hand on him, unless you hack, of course.

You should at least, add a recovery time for Tarjan everytime you hit him, or make him bounce a bit further so he doesn't always get you instantly with his balisong-like weapon every time you hit him bare-handed, the idea is to make the medal "achievable", not "hack-need".

Even if it's a bit short, the game can be improved further with a level-up system, more equipment, punch buffing and more stage.

We had a variety of songs depending of the situation, that's good for me, and since I like 8-bit-like games, I can add extra points for it.

I'll give it a 3/5, due to its shortness and the huge disadvantages (or advantages) you have when facing some enemies (especially this boss Tarjan)

Thanks for reading.

Faulty collision detection, messy movement, dialogue doesn't display correctly, never mentioned x was jump, craft menu navigation sucks (up/down skips like hell), level design is mediocre. Immediate death and restarting a whole section is BS unless you have tight control mechanics, and yours definitely aren't. You can get away with sloppy controls as long as you plan around it, don't make players suffer because of your bad code.

cackletta responds:

I agree with you for the most part. The Code has some major flaws. But "X" IS mentioned to jump. First Level, under the controls for Punch, Move and Weapon. Everyone seems to know how to do this, but no one seems to know how to Jump despite the information being right below it.

Restarting a whole section is for the sake of giving the player a chance to change their weapon as they keep the resources they collected after they died. This saves the player from never being able to beat a section as some weapons are better for certain parts of the game than others.

But I will agree that the code is flawed and the controls are not the tightest. I will hopefully get around to finding or making a new code that works better.

Why isn't the up-arrow used for jumping, for Cthulhu's sake!!!