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Baker Flowers

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Baker Flowers is a story about a man named Baker and his garden of beautiful flowers. Arrow keys to move.

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I wonder why he doesn't own a bakery if his name is Baker.

I knew something was gonna happen to the dude because of a few things...

First, I saw your flash Jerry Clouds before this,
Second, the way one of the plants didn't wither like the others during night,
And third, that same plant seemed to grow a bit every time I watered it and hit the pool for water. I really didn't wanna get closer to it when it got taller than me. I looked if I could maybe go past it somehow, lol. I'm gonna give you a detailed review.

Graphics: 4

Graphics are nothing special. It's beginner level stuff, but they get the job done. You see what's going on. I like the change in toning when you water the plants and when they dry, and little things, like the sun animation.

Sound: 6

Pretty simple, just music in the background and some sound effects. To the style of this game I don't think any more sounds are needed and the piano music fits the garden scene nicely.

Style: 6

I see you have a thing for plot twists and sudden scares. You use a theme where man manipulates nature and in the end, nature kills the man. I like the way both of the games I played ended the same way. You have a franchise going on here that can be expected in further productions.

Interactivity: 8

The player is in control of this game all the time, basically. Except for the few cutscenes, nothing happens if I don't move the guy around. On the other hand I'm disappointed there are only two buttons I can use. I would enjoy being able to use the whole keyboard and maybe have some action buttons. This is more like a movie with "play" buttons than a game now.

Violence: 4

Obviously you have to get to the end for some violence, and it was rather worth the wait. The blood spatters along with death constitute a 4 on this score.

Humor: 2

Most of the game I was bored to death waiting for the water tank to fill and trying to fill all the flowers, then it didn't get much better as I walked Baker to his actual death. I could see it coming a mile away unlike in Jerry Clouds.

Overall: 4

Sidescrolling simple, movie- like game with linear progression in both the events and gameplay.

Omg. That plant eater scared the crap out of me. That twist. As soon as I saw the flowers died.. that thing grew and ate Baker. x-x

I loved the music, but I couldn't see the point. After repeating the same process over and over and over, nothing changed. So, nice art work, great music, but is there more to this that I'm not seeing?

orange08 responds:


well that was certainly an interesting twist....

orange08 responds:

thank you mr mosdef!