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Reverie is a short game about a person that have nightmares every night. It tells a story of how this person see, feel and how he deals with his dreams.
The process of the game started with a whole different idea, but, I like how this proyect ended, so yeah, hope you enjoy.
X= Jump
DOWN= Interact

Spike's hit range fixed


wery good!

supes cool gimme moar

This was a good game and I kind of like it, but..there is room to make more improvement or more ideas. I will take this as a horror game, the points I take in this are:

-Game Mechanics.
-Story: A good horror or suspense story cant be called a story if it doesn't do its work.
-Atmosphere: Can be affected by the Story.
-Music and Sound Effects.

Score will go from 0-10:

-Graphics= 8 (I really liked the drawing style you gave, it got my attention)

-Game Mechanics= 10
(This game is extremely basic with the controls, fluid, user friendly because of its simple interface, I thought is going to be longer but at the same time felt it was going to be very short...)

-Story= 5
(Short suspense or horror stories have the aspect of giving an instant chill on the back of anyone, this one could have a stronger potential, that wasn't exploded as it should.)

-Atmosphere= 5
(This is affected by the story as well, because it doesn't deliver any tension.)

-Music and Sound Effects= 8
(Music and sound effects where good...sadly just good)

All of this gives you a total of 3.6/5 stars.
Again I have to say this is a good game and I would like to do some suggestions:

-Make the game larger.
-Give the story more depth and more power so it can build and deliver tension and scares or sense of suspense and stronger atmosphere.
-If you extend the game, make persecution and time levels.

That is all from my part, keep up the good work.

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Barquero responds:

thanks a lot for the review, it was really helpful, and yes doe to people liked this short game I┬┤ll make a second part improving my weaks, a graphic designer and short story writter (S.J Gray) loved my idea and the scary background of the story so she will be giving me a hand with that

;) thanks again and wait for the second part of Reverie

I liked the sketchy art style for the game. The solid grey tiles and the blurred white was clashing a bit with the style. The controls handled nicely, I had no problems with them. The music enhanced the atmosphere, and it was very calming. The hands were a nice touch as well. I felt the puzzles were a little too easy, but I enjoyed playing through all the way. I think a few more challenging levels and a little polish on the art would have raised the score. Overall I enjoyed it.

What a great game! Simple, creepy, and original.

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3.35 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2013
2:10 PM EST
Adventure - Other