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Colors & Numbers

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Made for charity gamejam (http://www.charitygamejam.com/) in less than 48 hours.

Press on any tile to toggle it.

Toggled tiles adds their value to surrounding tiles if they are of same color or they are white.

Try to clear all circles by toggling them or making their value equal zero.

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The song is Lightless Dawn. ;)

i dident even know what i was doing i was just randomly clicking things XD

This is a pretty good original puzzle game, with good presentation. One of my biggest complaints are that clicking to toggle a circle doesn't always seem to work correctly, even if it "registers" and the corresponding sound plays. The other is that the game is too simple -- especially the later levels strangely enough -- and it's too short. All of the multicolored levels seem to come down to the solution involving toggling every other circle, and obviously-so given how many circles are only interacting with two other circles. Actually, I just double-checked, and every level except for 5 and 6 has a solution that's simply "toggle every-other circle", most of which are apparent pretty quickly due to the layout. Someone noticing this pattern can solve every puzzle here except for two within two guesses... to me that's a sign that there's something lacking in the design somewhere.

I'm not certain if a ton more can be done with this puzzle design as-is -- it may prove too simple a rule set to develop lots around -- but given that level 6 does have some challenge, I see no reason why larger levels (multicolored or otherwise) wouldn't be interesting. As such, I think the fact that there weren't many puzzles combined with the puzzles that there were not having lots of depth warrants a significant hit to this game's score.

i kinda get it but at the same time i didn't i love the way u went with it and the style was cool

It's certainly a good idea, I reckon it could be a great puzzler. Simple and effective. The sound effects are a little bit annoying, though, maybe use some more subtle noises, in the same style as the background music. And it was definitely on the short side, I was surprised it finished when it did. Some more levels, while continuing to climb in difficulty would make this even better.