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10 Second Collab II

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We got bored.

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I feel like i'm the only one who knows that the first song is Cake's cover of I will Survive .-.


an epic collab-10 seconds of awesomeness!

i really, really liked that collab, and i have to say, it's quallity work, and a very nice colection of funny flash movies, that only prove that:
if the CC artists team up under one cause, they can do really good things.

ok, first of all, pop-tart's parts were clearly my favorites, and he is one of the best artists in the cc,
first: , i liked his ''purple mexican'' part, very clever. then, i liked his floundermonster part, very unique, and then, i LOVED his batman part, it had a giant twist (no pun) at the ending, and it was incredibly well-drawn.
as for his ''poo'' part, i didnt liked it. 2ND:
now, i also loved vuvuzella-clock's parts, which were AWESOME, starting from the ''rolling stone running'', ending, all up to SBC talking with triangle the mad. cool stuff.
THIRD: i LOVED radiotube's part, i didnt know it had me in it, until i saw this yesterday, when i first watched this flash, amazing, it was very funny!
great part, man.
fourth: i really liked tropicanas movie about how SBC and orange do...pranks. quite epic.
fifth: i loved bluekoala-clock's part too, it had awesome music, what was the music in it? very good!
sixth: i also liked pez's parts, they were pretty unique, and funny in their own pez-tastic way.
excellent work, man!
7th: i also loved rob's part, esp the one with knotts doing a time paradox. clever!

in short, i loved ALL the parts, and everything in this was unique, and awesome as well!
keep it up, you guys, and thanks for letting me to be in this glorious collab! you rock!
10 seconds to touch legend.

10 seconds to reach immortality

Well that defeniately went as I had hoped