Mega Man - Origin of X P3

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In this third chapter, Mega Man and company seek out allies as Repliforce prepares for war against Sigma.

Leave a comment, I usually heed all criticism and compliments and use them to improve my movies!

Enjoy! And stay tuned for Part IV!

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Oh wow! After years pf not being able to visit Newgrounds and the movie that I'm supposed to wait (thanks to the crappy laptop), I finally watched the three... It was still awesome like the last time I watched it. Hope you could make part 4 if if more... I'm sure I'm gonna love it ;) Great job, I'm looking forward for more :D

I also would like to add something about the texts... It's kind of hard for me of who's talking which line without the pictures because the mouth opening of the characters are so darn small and also the color of the text that has almost the same color makes it kind of hard too. But yeah, great story and all ;)

BallinSNN122 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. I'm actually working on part 4 as I write this. Expecting to be done within a couple weeks. Would you prefer mugshots or names next to the text?

VERY nice. I agree with Shadowwhowalks that there is too much plot and random stuff thrown together, but it sounds it's going to be explained later. I normally wouldn't watch a series like this, but you seem to be able to make it work really well. I can't really see anything with this series. The animations are amazing, and the music seems to fit the mood perfectly. Anything I complain about would just be me nitpicking. There were a few parts where there was no way to tell who was talking. I'd say every text should have a mugshot or at least something to tell who's talking. At the end, I couldn't tell which text was Sigma and which was Gate. Can't wait for episode 4. Keep up the good work.

BallinSNN122 responds:

There you are SS4!

Yeah I think I'll bring the mugshots back. I'm also unsure what to do about Mega Man's blue font color, it seems to blend a bit too well with black.

I also agree, this is way too plot heavy. I'm definitely not doing any favors for myself if I want to broaden the appeal - but oh well, it will take care of itself as things pick up. I'm glad you understand my reasoning behind it and believe that it will work out in the end.

With most of these plot points out of the way, I now have free reign to spend all my efforts focusing on set pieces and action, and I definitely will not let anyone down. Part IV is coming, and I'll finally be able to show people what I'm capable of.

Thanks for the review, I trust your opinion SS4 so I'm definitely assured my work is trending in the right direction.

It's been a very long time since I've seen a good sprite movie. I loved how you custom edited details and crossed multiple games to make this work. Every action is detailed, and there weren't any lazy bits that sprite movies tend to have. Clearly lots of love and effort went into this and I hope you continue with the great work.

My only problem right now is there are too much buildup and too much plot stuffed together, nothing gets resolved and the web only gets bigger and bigger.

Also please cite your sources used, if it isn't too much trouble.

BallinSNN122 responds:

Regarding the plot, I have the entire series (7 parts and maybe an epilogue chapter) outlined in a text document on my computer. So I guess I can offer a double edged agreement to your sentiment - I agree that this episode has a lot of buildup, which I mentioned in a news post regrettably had to be done for later episodes to make sense.

I also must say that the series is going according to plan, and that when the next episode is primarily action, no one watching will be confused. Let me promise you that I don't come up with the plot on the fly, all the details are deliberate and thought out. You seem to have noticed, so I thank you very much for that.

As for the sources, it probably wouldn't hurt to list them. I use a few custom sheets, but a decent number of sprites were customized by me personally. I thought it may be redundant to list things like "Mega Man sprites from Sprite Inc, and copyrights held by Capcom." I for one will never be confused as taking credit for the assets from Mega Man, Groove Adventure Rave, Metal Slug, etc.

I'll consider revising that approach. At the very least know that the final credits will be comprehensive in credit-giving.

Thanks for the review!

That was awesome, i will for part 4 man!!!

BallinSNN122 responds:


Thanks for your continued support, ever since Part I. I actually keep you and other longtime supporters in mind when I want to take a scene off here, or cut a corner there. Doing so instantly puts me back on track. I'm very glad you enjoyed this part, because as far as the series goes, the training wheels are off now.

The foundation of the story has been set, and now I can truly focus on creating more epic scenes like the end of #2. I already have #4 planned, and let me tell you I plan to combine the extended action of #2 with the more set piece involved style briefly seen here.

Your continued support is something I truly appreciate, and keeps me motivated through the rough parts of making these sprite movies. I'll go all out with #4 to show my thanks!


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Nov 26, 2013
5:42 PM EST