Night Rider Turbo

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Your car is falling apart in the middle of the night in the middle of a highway. Make sure not to die. This is important.

Control the car using hand.
Press SPACE at any time to restart.

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A game to love!

fu*k yeah !

amazing game only problem i find is the deer they are a little to frequent and to fast also people start turning in different lanes at 10 km rain starts at 5km and the guy below me i think has some more tips

Amazing game! Definitely an interesting twist compared to most games like this. I got to 19.622 KM before my steering wheel finally broke off. TIPS FOR NEW PLAYERS: I recommend you just rip off the thing that controls the window wipers, just so you don't have to manage them when it starts raining. Deer start running across the road somewhere between 12 KM - 15 KM, so be aware of those. you don't need to bother with the buttons on the right side of the car, they don't improve the way you drive, they are just there to make it feel more like a real car. If you look just below the bottom right section of the steering wheel, you will see a 2 pedals, the larger one is the brakes, not much use for the brakes unless you can't avoid something by steering around it on time. The smaller one is the gas pedal, even though you are almost always moving, it can be used to drive even faster than normal, but you can't steer while using this, so be careful when using it! I hope people find these tips helpful!

One of the most fun flash games I've played in a while. Very funny as well! :D
Ever since I watched some youtuber play it, I immediately typed it in and played it myself.
I got to something like 10 KM before hilariously ripping my steering wheel OFF and freaking out.

What would you do if you saw a guy flailing around, holding his steering wheel and going 70 miles per hour coming strait toward you?

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4.64 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2013
1:42 AM EST
Sports - Racing