Dragons Cock

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HUGE THANKS TO http://ktullanyx.newgrounds.com/ for the pretty lady artwork. I love her stuff, and I'm honored to collaborate with her. Totally check out her other stuff.

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What the hell is this? It started out promising and then just ends without any point being made or any plot structure being followed.

I remember one time I was playing Mass Effect 2, and my mom walks in to say Hi just when i was in a "Love " scene whit Miranda...
I got my Xbox Grounded for a month!

soo funny

this makes me think what my mom will think when she finds out i watch this kind of stuff

thought the person who busted the door was a dude!! still man that was funny!! mama's so going knock you out!! i wonder if ben choosed the socress or the amazon. next time ben get a vita or turn of the tv LOL!!